Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singing, Reading & Sneezing

I've been meaning to blog several different posts lately, but time has gotten away from me!  I finally uploaded these two videos of the girls.  The first one is Mackenzie singing her favorite My Little Pony song. 
Her southern accent comes out in the "rapping" part of the song.  I don't think she has a twang all the time. but certain words definitely bring it out more than others.  Apparently "Pinkie Pie" is one of them! Ha!

This second video is of Meredith "reading" her favorite book with me. She asks for this book EVERY night!  She loves it!

In case you were wondering...Miranda's first video was when she was 6 days old!  It was my first time to hold her and I just happened to get video of her sneezing several times.  When you watch it, notice how small her head is in relation to my hand.  She was so tiny!
I love having videos of the girls.  I don't always remember to take them, but I love capturing not just their phrases like I typically do, but also their voices and how they actually pronounce certain words.  Or even just sneezing! ;)

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