Friday, March 7, 2014

playing outside

In the middle of February we had gorgeous weather, so the girls and I played outside after nap time.  I didn't have any good pictures of Mackenzie, so this will just be about the younger girls.  Meredith was having so much fun just playing in the driveway.
I love this smile!!!!
She loves this neighbor's cat.  Mackenzie stays by me when the cat is around, but Meredith tries to pet it!
Miranda just hung out in her bumbo.  She might not be smiling, but she was happy or sleeping for the two hours we stayed outside.

We are looking forward to lots more time outside this spring/summer.  It's been a cold rainy winter and we are ready for more (consistent) flip-flop weather!  As in flip flop shoes, not to be confused with the flip flop of weather temperatures we've been having the last few weeks! ;)

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