Saturday, March 29, 2014

Miranda is 7 months!


Miranda turned 7 months old this past Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to these next 5 months because that's when all the real fun begins...rolling, crawling, pulling up, standing!

After her 6 month check up, I fed Miranda her first solid food meal.  She actually had oatmeal because rice cereal has soy in it.  I also used the formula for babies with allergies to mix with water rather than my milk.  As it turns out, the formula that is suitable for "most babies with allergies", is not suitable for Miranda!  After 5 days of a fussy and gassy baby, I put two and two together and eliminated the formula.  She's better now, but then this past week she had another 2 bad nights in a row and I think the sweet potatoes might bother her, so that food is out! She already wakes up a lot in the night, I don't need a fussy baby waking up every hour too!  ;)  She's tried peaches, pears, green beans, carrots & sweet potatoes.  She's liked all of them and is always eager to eat, but since she's getting plenty of nutrients through my milk, I'm not pushing the foods as much as I did with Mackenzie and Meredith.

At 7 months, Miranda...
- nurses 4 or 5 times during the day
- is still NOT sleeping through the night.  She has started waking up every 2 or 3 hours to nurse a little. :/
- wears 6 month clothing and is starting to fit in 9 month clothing (see comparison pic)
- sucks on her hands all the time and drools all over herself.
- is sitting up!  She still falls, so I can't just leave her alone, but she does sit up pretty well.
- has found her feet and enjoys laying on the floor playing with them! ;)
- eats one meal a day about 5 times a week.  (see above)

When I was editing my photos to make the comparison of all three girls, I realized that Mackenzie and Meredith just happened to be wearing the same outfit in their 7 month photos.  I didn't think we still had the same outfit, since we didn't keep many under 12 months, but I checked Miranda's closet just in case.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the outfit hanging up, so I quickly changed Miranda and took new bear photos just for the comparison photo! ;)
Meredith is the only one who filled out the clothes at 7 months and wore the pants as capris, but all three look cute!

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