Monday, March 3, 2014

Miranda is 6 months old!

Um...where did the time go?  6 1/2 months ago I was put on hospital bedrest and the next 3 1/2 weeks were a whirlwind and also very slow at the same time until all 5 of us were under one roof!  And now, we are halfway to her first birthday!  What?!

I'm glad we are slowly getting past the baby baby stage.  She's a little behind in her motor skills, but that's to be expected for being 6 weeks early.  She doesn't spend as much time in the sling anymore because she can entertain herself (read: drool) while sitting in the exersaucer or bumbo.  That's great for me because she's getting bigger and getting a little too heavy for me.  I still "wear" her in stores since she's not sitting up, but as soon as that skill is acheived, she'll be sitting in the cart! ;)

She typically only gets floor time when Meredith is napping or I have time to sit on the floor with her because I'm too afraid Meredith is going to step on her or fall on her or whatever.  Not intentionally, of course, it's just that Meredith is 2 and always moving around, so I don't trust her to stay away from wherever Miranda is laying.

We went to the doctor today and these are her stats:
Weight - 13lbs 1 oz (3%)
Height - 25 1/4" (19%)
Head cir - 17" (74%)

So, we are finally on all of the charts!  She's catching up and is just like her big sisters with her big head! ;)  We start solids tonight - yummy rice cereal! We'll see how that goes.  I'm hoping it helps with the sleeping through the night, but who knows.
At 6 months, Miranda...
- nurses 4 or 5 times during the day and once (or twice) at night.
- refuses to eat from a bottle!
- wears 6 month clothing
- sucks on her hands all the time and drools all over herself.
- loves her paci and has to have it to fall asleep
- rolls from tummy to back.
- likes the exersaucer and bumbo seat.
- loves to watch her sisters play or sing, but still gets scared occasionally by their screams.

At 6 months is when Mackenzie and Miranda "chunked up", so they all look similar this month - chunky little babies!

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