Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo love!

I took a LOT of photos this month!  Not always every day, but when I did pick up my camera I took quite a few at each "session".  I've been trying to get better at picking up the camera every day, but let's face it, life with 3 kids leaves me a little forgetful and I can't quite remember my camera every day.  Either way, the girls are still very much well documented even if it isn't every day!  Below are my favorite photos from March!

Mackenzie does not have bangs, but her hair naturally falls out of her face.  I love this 5 year old smile!
Brandon and my Aunt have this picture as their phone background or lock screen!  Such a cutie!
Pure joy!
Meredith fell asleep on her chair.  Well at least her head and one shoulder was on her chair! ;)
This one is my super favorite!  Mackenzie wanted to hold Miranda and was trying to make her laugh by crossing her eyes.  Clearly, Miranda was very interested. ;)
We're are ready for April and warmer weather WITHOUT the allergies!  Here's to a beautiful Spring!

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