Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mackenzie's first Sleepover!

Mackenzie has been asking for a sleepover for at least a year, but I kept putting it off because I was pregnant or I knew if she was invited to that same friend's house, she might not stay the night.  When we found out friends of ours were moving to the other side of the world (Malaysia), I let her invite that friend over for her very first sleep over.  Her friend (we'll call her "E") was perfect for their first sleep over because she lives (lived) in our neighborhood and has slept away from her parents before.  Mackenzie and E were so excited to have a sleepover.  The Sunday before we happened to see them at lunch and they both talked non-stop about the sleepover they would have in "5 days!!!" ;)

Mackenzie insisted that they have a pillow fight!

And because the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies were that night, I planned some fun Olympic activities.  They loved using M&M's to make the olympic rings.

Meredith loved EATING the M&M's! ;)

We also made a ski slope with cotton balls.  They glued the cotton balls on early in the evening, so it would be ready for us later.

After dinner we tried sending our little people down the slopes, but it didn't work that well.

We had a LOT of wipe outs, unless we slid them straight on the cardboard! ;)

The "bobsed" didn't do great either. :/

Then, the silliness ensued with loveys and pillow pets making their way down the slopes.

The girls stayed up until 10:00pm when I said it was time for bed.  They are only 5 and I sleep with a 6 month old, so they couldn't stay up super late! ;)  They thought it was pretty cool that we skipped baths and brushing teeth before bed.  I love that that was one of the high lights of the nights. ;)  They slept in until 7 (typical time) and then had breakfast and played for a couple of hours until E's dad picked her up.

So, Mackenzie had her first sleepover and loved it.  She's already asked for another one, but I told her she'll have to wait a while before she has another one - because that's what makes them special.  She's accepted that for now.  Maybe next time E comes back for a visit, we'll have her over again so they can reunite for some fun!

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