Monday, March 24, 2014

Instagram wrap-up

I started working on this post a week ago and forgot about it.  Hopefully I'll be able to blog more this week.  Raising three kids kind of zaps your time! ;) 

Our recent goings on through instagram pictures...

I cleaned out our hall closet at the beginning of March and found a box of our wedding stuff I had saved.  I decided I didn't need all 50 of the programs, so I kept 6 (one for me and each of the girls + 2 extra for scrapbooking) and threw out the rest.
Same with the bells we used at the wedding.  I kept 6 with the tags on and put the rest in sensory bin storage without the tags.
Mackenzie and Meredith were pretty excited that I gave them our ring bearer pillow for their dress up box.
They also got my rehearsal bouquet made of ribbons from wedding shower gifts. 
Meredith had her first playdate with only one of her friends.  You can tell these girls both have older sisters because they sat down together and "talked" their dolls.  Mackenzie and Lyla (the older sisters) didn't even do this at age 3 when they started playing together.
Meredith is "swimming" here.  Since swimming lessons at this point is all about floating on her back, she's doing great! And yes she's a little close to the trashcan, but we washed our hands and took baths that night, so all is well. ;)
Miranda has found her tongue!  It's itty bitty when she sticks it out, so she looks adorable!
Miranda also had her first ride in the grocery cart.  She did pretty great with even with the occasional falling over. ;)
After Miranda's 6 month doctor appointment, she had her first taste of "food."  I fed her in her bouncy seat and as soon as I was finished, Meredith put her baby in and fed her.
Randomly, Meredith came up to me and said, "When I cross my arms like this, I'm mad."  Looks about right!

I think I've posted one other instagram photo since starting this post 8 days ago, so clearly I've been MIA in the media department (sort of).   Here's hoping to many more posts this week - museum fun, photography challenge, visiting moshi & gapa...and I'm sure several more once I start looking at pictures or actually thinking about what we've been doing.

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