Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things to Remember

It's that time again...where I blog about all of the random things that have been happening lately or funny things the girls have said.  This is also where I document some of my instagram and facebook posts, so those of you who follow me on either, this might be duplicates of things you've seen.  ;)

Swim lessons are going great!  Both girls promoted to the next level yesterday.  Meredith promoted because of age, but either way, they both got certificates!  YAY!

We received a TON of books from my mother-in-law.  She's retiring and brought lots of her books from school.  They've been loved on these last 20 years, but my girls are still super excited about all of the "new" books we have.  We read 6 last night before bed!  Meredith has a new favorite book - There was an old lady who swallowed a bell.  You would think it's the only one we have since I read it 3 times yesterday and that doesn't count the number of times she "read" it to herself!

I typically vacuum our floors rather than sweep. That's the reasoning I'm going with when my 5 year old says, "oh, that's how you sweep."  I know Mackenzie has seen me sweep.  I know she has...I think. ;) 

After explaining what a journal is (something I use to write things I want to remember), Mackenzie says "I need to get one of those soon because I can't hold any more remembers in my head. The remembers just keep falling out and I need to write them down!" This is by far one of my favorite things Mackenzie has ever said! Brandon asked me if I corrected her and I said no because it was just too cute.  I correct her enough with her grammar, this can stay as it is for now.

Meredith is 2.  Meredith is TWO.  Whether you call it the "terrible twos" or the "terrific twos", I keep telling myself - she's two.  This too shall pass. ;)  She's very independent at this point and insists on doing everything herself!  I've had to explain to a screaming/crying mess that she can't do everything - there are some things momma and daddy have to do.  With that said, I do let her do most things by herself, when I can.  She's really into flushing the toilet all by herself.  Sunday morning, I accidentally flushed the toilet and you would have thought the world was about to end based on her reaction.  I told her I was sorry and that she could flush the toilet again, but she cried out, "nooooooo, my teetees are goooooonnnnneeee!!!!!!"  Lots of screaming and crying ensued, followed by stomping her feet, freaking out and ultimately a spanking and time out in her bedroom.  That was fun at 8:30am while trying to get all 3 girls ready for church!  Then at church, the automatic flush went off while I was trying to put her diaper back on.  Can we say deja vu - just re-read the sentences above about what happened next, minus the time out in her bedroom, since we were out in PUBLIC!!!  She's two, she's two, she's two.  Hurry up 3's! ;)

Miranda is 6 months old tomorrow!  We don't go to the doctor until next week, so I'll blog her stats later.  In the meantime, I think she is teething right now.  It's hard to tell, since I think it's her bottom teeth and that pesky tongue gets in the way all the time.  Only time will tell.  I'm hoping that accounts for her massive amounts of drool, slight fussiness and different sleep schedule.  Come on teeth! ;)

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