Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things I want to remember...

The girls are constantly saying cute and funny things.  They make me laugh EVERY single day.  Knowing I will one day make this blog a book (I've already finished 2008-2011), I want to be sure I document their actions.  A lot of these have been on Facebook, but I'm not scrap booking that!

  • Yesterday we spent a couple of hours outside having a picnic, playing at the playground and walking the neighborhood trails.  At one point we were sitting on some stairs, eating our snacks and Mackenzie said, "There's nothing better than a nice fresh day."  While this is true, I have no idea where that came from and it was quite funny to hear her say.
  • Also on our walk yesterday, we walked by our neighborhood pool and she said, "That reminds me of the good times we had in the summer."  Since our summer was unexpectedly cut short with Miranda's birth, I know she's really excited for it to be summer again.
  • Mackenzie sneezed the other day, but I was busy with Miranda and didn't say anything.  I guess that bothered her because she said, "um...I just sneezed.  Is anyone going to say bless you?" Ha ha!
  • "Momma, if the thing that brings money when you lose a tooth is a tooth FAIRY, then why do you say fairies aren't real?"  Yep.  She called me out.  I simply told her that I had forgotten about the tooth fairy, so I guess I was wrong. ;)
  • Mackenzie knows I color my hair and recently, while we were getting ready for school, I said I needed to color it again.  When I picked her up from school that afternoon, her teacher told me that while they were talking about old people she told everyone that I was old and color my hair!  Remind me not to tell her any secrets! ;)

  • I make the best waffles!  You know, the kind that pop in a toaster and rhyme with Lego?! ;)  Anyways, the girls typically eat them plain and whole - kind of like eating a tortilla or piece of bread.  When they come out of the toaster I flip it back and forth from hand to hand while it cools so that it doesn't burn me (because it wouldn't be fun if I left it in the toaster to cool).  I give all of this explanation because the other day when I was playing with Meredith she said, "momma, I not a waffle!"  I had been moving her back and forth between my arms, so in her eyes I was treating her like a waffle.
  • Meredith's pretty bad about chewing on her fingers - to the point of pulling nails off to the quick and making them bleed.  I have to get onto her at least every other day telling her to get her fingers out of her mouth and quit chewing on her nails.  The other day, Miranda was sucking on her fingers/hand and Meredith said with much concern, "Momma, she's chewing her fingers!  She's chewing her fingers!" ;)  At least I know she knows she's not supposed to do it.
  • Her favorite phrase these past few days is "If you say so."  For example, while at the dollar store she would ask me if we could get something.  If I said no we don't need it, she would say, "if you say so."  Later that night when I told her to go to her room and pick out pajamas she responded with "if you say so."  silly girl!
  • Meredith cannot make the 'th' sound.  Meredith is "Merediff".  I will sometimes ask her "can you say 'th'?" or over pronounce Meredith to try to get her to say it correctly.  One morning while getting her dressed, she asked me "Can you say P-P-P pull up?"  I laughed out loud with that one.  Maybe I ask her too much? ;)
  • On the morning of a swim lesson, Brandon asked Meredith if she wanted to go to swim lessons that day and she politely said, "No wank you - I just stay here."  She said it so politely and nonchalantly, you kind of thought she had a choice.  But she didn't and we went to her lesson anyway!
I'm sure there are so many more stories I'm forgetting, but those are the ones that stand out in my head.  I'm almost positive we'll have new stories for the new week! ;)

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