Thursday, February 27, 2014

Miranda's turn

I blog about the big girls quite a bit, so now it's Miranda's turn!  I bought some new clothes for Miranda the other day since she doesn't have very many below 12 months.  Plus, she's just barely in 6 months clothing which was winter clothing for Meredith.  Anyways, since all of her new clothes are such bright colors and I don't take too many photos of her, we had a mini photo shoot.

Taking pictures of a baby that doesn't sit up is a bit difficult.  There was a lot of this...

which led to this...

But its all worth it when you finally get this!

The only close up that wasn't blurry!

I find myself (again) not taking very many photos and need to work on that!  My 365 blog kind of fell off the radar when Miranda was born, so maybe I should restart that again.  You my spare time! ;)

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