Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tot School - Letter B

Yay, it only took a few weeks to complete this unit!  In all fairness, Christmas kind of interrupted our time, but we finished up this week, so yay!

Tot School

We are using the Tot School Printables from 1+1+1=1 for the basic introduction to each letter.  Meredith likes to draw lines and has no problem connecting "dots" that are in straight lines.  I couldn't get her to match the curved lines.  She wasn't interested, so I didn't push it.
 On another day, she was only interested in coloring the balls.

Tracing lines is also something she likes to do.
I was surprised she came close to matching angled lines on this Elf printable pack for toddlers from 3Dinosaurs.

One of her other favorite activities is matching the shapes.  The first day I pulled this sheet out, she got out of her chair and went straight to one of her toys to find some matching shapes!  After finding these two, she decided she would just rather play, so school was finished for the day. ;)
This week, I laid out some shapes for her to use from a new toy Miranda received at Christmas and she matched the shapes.
It really bothered her that we didn't have a crescent shaped toy to match the paper.  I found a rectangle and diamond for her to match, but she didn't want to use them.  It looks like I need to be on the look out for a toy that has that shape!
 She liked matching the beach balls...
Until I told her that her first match should be with a different ball.  Then she wanted nothing to do with it! ;)

Coloring is always a hit.  She gave me the purple to color with her.

She received some new dot markers for Christmas, so those had to be used!
3 part puzzle...
We are trying to tackle one to one counting/correspondence.  She counts really well, but is not relating the numbers to the objects.  We did these together.
And then she decided she just wanted to play with the manipulatives and match circles.
Other activities not involving the tot school printables were lacing...
Stacking blocks!
Alphabet puzzles...
This puzzle is great and both girls really like it, but as with all puzzles, the pieces go everywhere!  Meredith doesn't really know how to put it back together so every time she took all the pieces out, I had Mackenzie put them away.  Mackenzie doesn't mind putting the puzzle back together, but she plays and "talks" each letter so it took her FOREVER to clean it up.  I should have just cleaned it up myself every time, but oh well.

She also participated in our letter B verse from the Raising Rock Stars curriculum I'm doing with Mackenzie.
Letter B complete...Now onto letter C!

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