Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Snow" Day!

Southeast Texas rarely gets snow. We usually have an ice day every other year and snow flurries every 5 years or so. It rarely lasts long or sticks to the ground.  2004 was the last time we had a substantial amount of snow as seen in my picture below and it was only 2 or 3 inches.
I say all that because yesterday was a "snow day" for us.  Schools were closed because of our "winter weather watch".  According to the forecast it was supposed to snow around 9am, so when I sat down to feed Miranda at 10:30 I was sure our chance of snow had passed.  Thankfully, I looked at Facebook and saw posts from my friends in our old suburb that said they were seeing snow flurries.  I quickly had the girls put on their shoes and jackets to be ready for the flurries because I knew they wouldn't last long.  As Mackenzie was getting her shoes on the snow started to fall.  I sent the big girls outside while I got my shoes and jacket on (Miranda hung out in the living room.).

The girls had a blast!
I don't know how she saw anything! ;)  Also, can you tell her favorite color is pink?

You can barely see the flakes...but they are there.  I promise!
As you can see this how they spent their 10 minutes in flurries.  Running around with their hands out!
It didn't stick.  This is what our table looked like, but that's mainly because it already had ice on it.
The slide...
Meredith's gloves were just a little too big! Ha!
After the snow was gone and it was just raining/sleeting, they had fun looking at each other through the window.  Who knew that could be so much fun?!
At least they had a real reason to wear their new puffy coats we bought!  Especially since we'll be wearing short sleeves on Friday and Saturday when the highs are 73 and 72!  Crazy weather.

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