Thursday, January 23, 2014

Science: Letters A & B

I found these awesome printables for different science lessons based on the alphabet.  I had forgotten about them until our letter B unit, so while we played catch up last week with Meredith, Mackenzie and I went back to letter A.

A is for Absorb...
"Absorb means to soak up." 

Our first experiment was something I had been wanting to do for a while, but just hadn't taken the all consuming time of gathering plastic cups, water, food coloring and a paper towel. ;)  Mackenzie was super excited to squirt food coloring in the cups.
I think she thought it was going to be pretty quick...
But it took most of the afternoon just to get this far.  I added more water to the cups so it wouldn't have to travel as far.
By the next morning, we had purple water!  So, not only an experiment in absorption, but also color changes! ;)

Our other experiment was testing different items to see if they absorbed water.  We tested a bib, candle, plastic toy, washcloth, straw, sponge, rock, clown nose, napkin, q-tip and rubber porcupine ball.

The first one to absorb was the bib and she clearly thought it was neat. ;)  We talked about how if you can squeeze water out of it, then it absorbed water. 

When we tested the napkin, we talked about how materials that absorb liquids also typically change shapes.
Squeezing water out of the clown nose (it's a spongy clown nose.) 
Boring straw and rock...

Washcloth...I thought it was funny that she seemed surprised by this when we use a washcloth on a daily basis, but oh well. 

I saved the sponge for last and didn't tell her what it was.  It's one of those "dehydrated" sponges that shrinks down really small until you get it wet.  Her face after it "absorbed" all of the water is great!  She really was excited about it and loved that it expanded.  Again, discussions on changing shapes and being able to squeeze water out.

As we tested items, we sorted them into "doesn't absorb" and "does absorb."  She chose to put the q-tip in the middle because she said the ends absorbed the water, but the middle didn't.  I was not expecting her to notice, but am very happy she did!
I LOVE that Mackenzie knows what absorb means.  She has a great memory, so she would probably remember the definition without the hands on experiments, but now she has that visual too, so I know she'll really remember the concept, now. 

Of course, after the experiment, she had to play with the water.  She probably played with plain water and cups for at least 20 minutes!  ;)

For letter B, the concept was bounce. 
Mackenzie decided to draw bouncing balls on her sheet.
This fit perfect into our "B is for Ball" tot school unit, so Meredith was around while we tested things to see if they bounced.  First, we tested all of our balls like we did last year.  I love her look when this ball didn't bounce!
Next, they bounced themselves. ;)

Finally, we tested other objects to see if they bounce...her face will tell you if it did. :)

I love these printables because they are science concepts that Mackenzie should know about and they are simple enough for her to understand.  Plus, the experiments are fun!  Letter C is "cook", so stay tuned for that fun!

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