Monday, January 20, 2014

Rockin' out in the car

Santa brought Meredith a Doc McStuffins CD and she LOVES it!!  It's 26 short songs from the TV show and she can sing a lot of the words.  And sadly, so can I. :/  Today on the way to swim lessons I found myself rockin' out to this song.

Yep, if you see me singing in my car it's mostly likely to a song like that or maybe a Disney Princess song.  You know, because there's nothing better than belting out the last few bars of Ariel's "Part of your World" AFTER the car has been turned off! ;)

 I'll be 34 in less than 6 weeks and I don't know what the current songs are on the radio and really, it doesn't bother me.  I get to sing along with my girls and learn about brushing our teeth, princesses, & bible verses.  Right now, there's nothing better!

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