Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Random Thoughts

Now that Miranda is getting older, we are venturing out a little more often.  I still keep her in the sling or carrier at most places since the flu is everywhere right now.  The girls didn't catch it when Brandon had it, but they also didn't have any contact with Brandon for those 4 days.  We can't stayed cooped up forever, so we are taking it slow and limiting exposure.

I'm always surprised at how quickly babies master skills.  I always feel like one day they can't do a particular action and the very next day, they won't stop doing it.  In the last 5 days Miranda has really improved in her head movement.  She still lets it fall back every once in a while, but for the most part she's got it under control.  She is also putting weight on her legs more and more instead of having "jello legs".  (Mackenzie thought that was the funniest thing - "jello legs") In the last three days, Tummy time has been bearable to her and she has actually lifted her head up 90 degrees and rested on her forearms for a little bit.  Meredith was doing this with ease at 4 months, so I'm glad Miranda is starting to do it at 4 1/2 months (3 months adjusted).

We started swim lessons last week after a five month hiatus.  Meredith cried the entire time, but did everything she was supposed to.  This week she cried at home before we left and again before the lesson, but she did cry a little less during the lesson.  Here's hoping every week gets a little better.  Mackenzie caught right back up and is doing great.  And thankfully, Miranda has been sleeping for the entire hour and 20 minutes we are there.  Here's to next week getting even better!

Mackenzie has the hardest time with the word "remind".  She almost always says "ma-rind" even when she tries to say it right.  Since it's the only word she has trouble saying, we usually laugh about it and eventually she says it right.  I just think of all the words she could say wrong - remind is what stumps her.

Meredith's bed is against the shared wall of their bedroom and our bathroom.  Brandon says sometimes at night he hears a bang/knock against the wall quite a bit.  We assumed it was Meredith's feet, but it could be her head too!  A couple of times this last week, I've gone into her room and she is laying angled across her bed with either her head or feet against the wall!  She's a deep sleeper and other than that small time period last spring she sleeps solidly through the night.  I'm thankful she hasn't ever needed to sleep with us during the night because I would be really worried she would fall off the bed!

I've read two books so far this year!  I finished the second Mary Poppins book that I started last year. It was actually much better than the first.  Last night I picked up another book that I had partially read, so hopefully, I can make some headway in all of these partial books I have.  I've also downloaded a Bible reading plan to read the Bible in a year.  I'm hoping I can add that to my books read for 2014!

So, that's my random thoughts about our goings on.  Hopefully, I'll have bigger/better blog posts coming soon - if I can just finish up all of my partial activities.  It would seem that I don't complete things anymore these days.  Hopefully, it's not permanent. :/

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