Thursday, January 9, 2014

Preschool - K4: Letter B, Christmas

Slowly, but surely we are progressing with our school lessons.  We completed the letter B lesson before Christmas and also had fun with some Christmas printables.  I don't have much of an intro, so I'll just get right into the details. ;)

Since we are moving through the alphabet from the beginning, next up was the letter B.  I found this bear tracing printable several years ago and printed several of them at the time.  I think we used it last year and maybe even the year before, but she still likes it, so here we go again.  This time she also had to color it too.
While she knows how to write her letters, we still do these tracing sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler to practice her handwriting.  They are especially helpful with practicing writing on the lines and using the dashed middle line for proper sizing.
Finding the "B's" was also an activity that she liked (also from COAH).  They do similar activities at her preschool, so she thinks it's fun that we do some of the same things.
Sometimes I pull out any extra letter of the week stuff and let her pick what she would like to do.  This week she chose to color this B is for Bat sheet from 1+1+1=1.

The Raising Rock Starts Kindergarten curriculum follows the alphabet too, so we continued with the letter B and it's memory verse - "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9
Practicing her listening skills...
Tracing her memory verse.  She said it was a little long, "but that's okay." ;)
She loves to draw, so drawing things that start with the letter B was great!
She wasn't really wanting to do this sheet because she didn't want to color or trace, so I changed it up a little.  She stamped the bigger letters with some stamp markers and traced the word with glitter glue pens. 
This is an area that I need to work on - changing up some of our typical activities.  While she typically loves to color and trace, she also likes to do these activities using different mediums.  I need to remember that and try our different coloring things we have.  I have so many "coloring" utensils from architecture school that are just sitting in a closet.  Maybe this next week we'll break out the pastels or colored pencils!

Working on our letter B sounds...
She put off gluing her verse in order a couple of times until finally she agreed to do it.  I guess she was in the Christmas spirit after her school program that morning. ;)
The stories she makes up are so funny.  She was supposed to dictate a story about the dove in the picture and this is what she came up with.
I tried to keep her on track with the bird when she started telling a story about what all they did at the hotel (which I'm pretty sure was Great Wolf Lodge), so she ended with seeing the dove again.  I have to limit her stories or she would have me write all afternoon.  I'm looking forward to reading her stories in a couple of years when she can write all on her own for however long she wants. bothered her that there were more objects to choose than the 5 needed to complete the patterns.

Meredith joined us for our memory verse craft.  First, I let the girls use dot markers to color their paper plates.
Then they glued on the people in verse order...

The finished product...

Sight Words:
We finished up our You Can Read unit with words, "run", "play", "find" and "to".

As usual, she loved being able to read some of the words in the sentences.  I was impressed that she remembered some of the words considering we've had such a long gap in school lessons from last year when she learned the other sight words.

She has expressed worries about not being able to read.  Not worries that she can't read now, but worries like she won't be able to learn how to read.  We keep reassuring her that she is going to be just fine and will learn to read just fine.  Worksheets like the one above are great for building her confidence. 

We had issues for a couple of weeks with our computer that our printer is hooked to, so I couldn't print any printables for the girls in December.  However, with all of our past years printables that we didn't complete, we had no shortage of Christmas worksheets for her to choose from.  We did several more activities that are not pictured - she really likes themed activities!

Coloring christmas presents to match the ribbons from Gift of Curiosity.  She asked me after EVERY single present, "how about this, momma?  Isn't this pretty?"  EVERY SINGLE ONE. ;)
Finding differences (from the same pack above).  Some of the were hard, but she found them all.
Mazes and candy cane math...

She also had fun with the laminated activities I made two years ago...building a gingerbread man...

And then turning it into a Picasso...
Gingerbread men order tallest to shortest...
Counting activities using little clips.  She is so funny when it comes to things like this.  She figures out how many she is going to need and then chooses her color and then clips them in a specific order.  Everything must be perfect and in order! ;)
She said this shadow matching was the easiest thing EVER.  But she still did it. ;)
The ornament game we played for the longest time.  I would call out a category and she would remove stripes, dots, yellow...

To go along with the letter B, we had a yarn BALL toss with our leftover party decorations.
Throwing is not our best strength, but we had fun and cheered each other on.  And yes, Meredith is dressed as Minnie Mouse. ;)

Tracing the number 1...

This week, while we catch up on Meredith's letter B activities (I want them to stay on the same letter), we are doing a theme focus on the United States.  She still loves learning about the states, so we are working our different puzzles, reading books, looking at flashcards and finding computer games.  Hopefully, I'll blog about it sometime soon.

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