Sunday, January 19, 2014

Morning outside play

Sometimes after we drop Mackenzie off at school, we stay and play at the playground.  By "we play" I mean Meredith plays.  Miranda is usually in the sling with me, so I don't climb anything or run around.  Tuesday was a beautiful day and I didn't have any errands to run, so we stayed for about an hour after school started.  Meredith didn't play much on the actual playground equipment, but she did dance...

and pick a yellow flower...

and learn about dandelions.

She learned that it can be a little difficult to blow all the seeds/petals off in one blow.  Or even 10 blows. ;)

She also just had fun sitting next to me at the picnic table.

As long as the weather stays this beautiful, we'll continue playing here.  She likes getting out at the school and playing at the school playground.  I guess it makes her feel like a big girl.  Next year she'll get to play there twice a week with friends!

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