Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miranda is 5 months!

Miranda is 5 months old!  Another month gone by and being a mother of three is getting a little easier.  I think the only time I get flustered is when 2 of 3 are crying and luckily that only happens about once every other day. It could be worse. :)

Miranda started sitting in the exersaucer this month.  This is helpful because it gives us another option other than me holding her.  She doesn't stay in it for a real long time, but at least it's helping strengthen her neck and back muscles!

At 5 months, Miranda...
- nurses about 6 times a day.
- wears 3-6 month clothing and size 1 shoes.
- loves to sleep in the swing and usually sleeps her first 3 or 4 hours at night in the swing.
- sucks on her hands and blows lots of bubbles.
- likes tummy time a little more now.
- rolls from tummy to back, but I think it's really more like letting her head pull her down and not too intentional.
- seems to like the exersaucer the few times she's sat in it.
- only sits quietly in her carseat if it's moving - by car, stroller or me.  Otherwise she cries.
- likes to sit in my lap when I'm sitting in the table.  She doesn't really lay back in my lap - she prefers to sit up (and strengthen her back muscles!). 

All 3 girls at 5 months...

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