Friday, January 10, 2014

I have a problem...

Y'all, I have a problem.  I never stop planning the girls' birthday parties. ;)  You'd think that with three girls with birthdays within 3 weeks of each other, I would only think about birthdays a few months of the year.  But you'd be wrong.  I think I waited a few months before I started thinking about the girls parties for 2014.  To be honest, I was actually thinking about the type of parties for the girls the day of their combined party in October.  By type, I mean I knew Mackenzie would have a small party with just 5 of her close friends and Meredith and Miranda would be a combined party.

I didn't start thinking about the themes until about a month ago - you know 9 & 10 months before the actual parties.  I blame pinterest.  It's just too easy to see a pin from someone and expand on that for an entire birthday theme.  Too easy for me, anyway.  So the themes I thought would be fun were an art party for Mackenzie and an M&M party for my two little M&M's. ;)  I pinned some ideas and didn't think much more about it until a couple of days ago.  I can't explain it, I just think about things like that.  It probably doesn't help that I sit down for 20-30 minutes every three hours to nurse Miranda.  When I nurse, I always have my phone or ipad to read or surf the internet.  Both have the pinterest app, so I look.  Back to my themes.  I thought I knew what I wanted to do for the girls and figured I'd start looking at details in March or April.  That's what I thought, anyway. 

Two days ago I looked at Meredith dressed up as Doc McStuffins and singing all the songs and thought, she would love a Doc McStuffins party!  And of course there are a ton of cute party ideas online.  I know she may not be into this show in August, but for now I'm thinking about this theme.  That's the cool part about always thinking about parties - I can make a pinterest board early on, pin a bunch of ideas and let them simmer.  I think about it off and on, the favors, the games/activities, food and see if it still sounds fun.  By June, if she's still into it then I'll proceed.  If not, we'll find something else.  The only issue I have with this particular theme is it being Miranda's party too.  For Mackenzie and Meredith's first birthday, I've always had a general theme, not a character theme.  It's not really a big deal, it's just that I'll probably do plenty of character parties for years to come, so for their first birthday I like to choose a character free theme.  I haven't told Meredith any ideas for her party so she's not set on anything - there's still time to change my mind.

I'm not sure how it came up, but Mackenzie and I started talking about her art party, yesterday.  Oh wait, I remember...I made the mistake of asking her what she thought about an art party and now she talks about it at least once a week.  :/  Then the topic changed from her wanting an art party for her 6th birthday to a My Little Pony party for her 7th.  I told her that the art party wasn't set in stone and if she would rather have a MLP party, she could.  She was super excited about that, so I decided to look at my trusty friend, pinterest.  Oh my goodness, there is a lot of cuteness that can be had with a My Little Pony Party.  Especially when there will be 6 little girls (herself and 5 friends) to match the 6 little pony friends!  I already started my spreadsheet! ;)  Again, this one is not set in stone, but she has liked MLP for almost a year and her interest doesn't seem to be fading.  I think no matter what party theme she chooses, the hardest part for her will be choosing her 5 friends (because our kitchen table seats 6).  She's already chosen one friend and decided on which two ponies they will be. She's a planner just like her momma!

So, that's my problem.  Only it's not really a problem since I love thinking about things like that.  Do you like what we've chosen so far?  What kind of themes have you done?  Is there one I should consider? 

I've got another small party in the works - more like a large play date, but I'll blog about that some other time.

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