Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hand-me-down Organization

Having more than 2 kids of the same gender means a lot of hand-me-downs!  With two or three sizes different between the girls, my pile of clothes was quickly growing.  Miranda's closet is very large and became hand me down central for our house.  Previously I kept the clothes in space saver bags and it was working fairly well until I had to keep clothes for Miranda.  All of a sudden the hand me down pile became a little crazy and disorganized.
So, just after Christmas I ordered some drawers from Ikea and I'm sooooo glad I did!  Look at the closet now! 
These are perfect and the large drawers hold so much.  I couldn't be happier.  I even added some labels. 
Iheartorganizing blogged about using sticky back book plates from Staples' Martha Stewart collection on her drawers, so I bought some too.  Now, each drawer is labeled so that I can easily pull out the clothes I need each season.  I can also easily change the paper card in the label as we shift sizes.
I put all of the swim stuff - bathing suits, cover ups & flip flops - in one drawer.  I did this because last year I ended up buying two suits for Meredith not realizing I had two that would have fit her in the next size up of hand-me-downs.  This way, they are all in the same place and Meredith and Miranda can try on all that we have first before buying.
 Socks and (non-matched) bloomers...
Dress shoes - all sizes and colors...
All sandals...
As I said, these baskets hold a lot of stuff!  This drawer is just 18-24 months spring and summer!  Miranda has a lot of clothes coming her way. ;)
Tennis shoes and boots still have to sit on the closet shelf, but at least the others are all out of the way.  There was also a perfect amount of space above the smaller set of drawers for blankets and quilts (we have a TON!). Nice dresses hang up on the right side of the closet so they won't get messed up.   
The entire right shelf is filled with diapers, pull ups and wipes!  Having two in diapers stinks.  Literally. :/  I'm hoping to change some of that starting Friday, so here's hoping we can get rid of some of those!

Just for fun, here's the before and after photo - what a difference!

I love it!  It makes me smile every time I walk in Miranda's closet.  I just have to finish the details on another organizational project (from the same Ikea order) and I'll blog about that soon!

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