Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

I always blog about our Christmas in January, so why change this year? ;)

In years past, I've broken our Christmases into several posts, but since I didn't do a great job of documenting our Christmases, I'll be able to combine all of our Christmas celebrations into one post.  The last few days before Christmas Day were not that great for our family.  Brandon had the flu from Thursday to Sunday (thankful for tamiflu to shorten the timeframe).  Just when Brandon was getting better on Sunday, Miranda caught some sort of tummy bug and couldn't keep anything down.  I took her to the doctor Monday morning and by the time we got home after lunch, she was on the mend and wanting to eat.  Luckily it was short lived, but since viruses like that can be fairly contagious, we skipped going to my parents' house for Christmas with my brother and step-sisters.  We were all disappointed, but we didn't want anyone else to catch any of our illnesses.

On Christmas eve, Tiny brought us a gingerbread house to decorate, so we enjoyed doing something to make the day go by faster!  Meredith was pretty bummed that we weren't going to eat the gingerbread and candy right away.  She kept asking if she could eat it. 

After she decorated her roof, I let her eat some of her leftover candy.  They both wanted to eat it as soon as we were finished, but I made them wait until after nap time.  Because I'm mean like that. ;)  Surprisingly, they both liked the cookie and ate most of the house over the next few days.

I didn't take many pictures on Christmas morning either.  Maybe as the girls get older and don't need as much help opening and looking at presents, I'll be able to take more pictures.  That may or may not be true, since most of the time I was just sitting there soaking up their excitement with Christmas!
Of course, one of Meredith's favorites is a stocking stuffer - a little toy camera! ;)
Playing together.  Luckily, Mackenzie got another dress up Minnie from Brandon's family, so now they can share without fighting over Minnie Mouse! ;)
And, Miranda was just chillin' while we opened presents!
Later that morning we drove to my grandparents' house to celebrate Christmas with my extended family.  It was Miranda's first long trip (1 hour) and she did great!  We were the first ones there, so the girls enjoyed a few minutes of one on one time with Granny and Papa.  Prior to Miranda's arrival, we visited my grandparents once a month, so they've been missing that special time.  Now that Miranda is bigger and does well in the long car ride, we'll resume our monthly visits.  We can't wait!
Since we missed my parents' Rudolph themed Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve, my parents' brought the Clarice dolls from Build-a-bear to the girls.  The reindeer were decked out with fancy dresses and roller skates!

On our way home, a duck didn't fly high enough over the road and we hit it going 70mph.  So that was fun! :/
Brandon had glass all over him, but the rest of us were ok.  We are so thankful it didn't go through the windshield and that we weren't too far from home (about 15 minutes).   We made it home just fine and had the windshield replaced the next day.

Once home, the girls and I sorted through all of our wonderful gifts and opened even more (from the one we missed on Monday).  Our office became another playroom for the next few days.

This past weekend, Brandon's family came to our house for Christmas.  Again, between cooking and caring for Miranda, I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did get a few when they first arrived.  Miranda was pretty content for a little while sitting in other people's laps.

Meredith liked uncle Dustin at first - sort of. ;)
Dustin matching Meredith's no smile face.
The girls had fun playing with their cousin and the adults had fun visiting/talking together.

So that was our Christmas - family, fun and blessed beyond measure.  Now to go clean and organize all that we received!

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