Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesdays with Tiny: 2013, Vol. 4

So, this is our last installment of Tuesdays with Tiny.  She'll watch over the girls today and then go back home tonight.   She may or may not leave them a letter tomorrow morning telling them how much fun she had.  She hasn't fully decided...;)

Day 18: She had a little fun playing with all of the candy canes we have.  Because of this, the girls asked for candy canes for breakfast.  I told them they had to eat a breakfast bar first.  So, yes...they each had a candy cane at 8:00am. :/

Day 19:  We are not quite sure what she was trying to do here! ;)

Day 20:  She built herself a little chair out of blocks!

Day 21: Tiny became an Aggie today!  This is one of those times where she stayed in her hiding spot all day and whenever Meredith would see her she would laugh and say, "Tiny is funny!"

Day 22:  She left some Holiday greetings for us...

Day 23: Just hanging out on the mantle...

Day 24:  She brought the girls pajamas for tonight.  I'm hoping this becomes a yearly tradition!

The girls loved looking for her this past month and I'm sure the excitement will continue through to next year and they can share Tiny's adventures with Miranda as she gets older.  Until next year...

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