Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesdays with Tiny: 2013, Vol. 3

I know you guys are anxiously awaiting pictures of where Tiny's been this past week!  I'm happy to report that she remembered to move every day this week and had quite a bit of fun doing all kinds of stuff! ;)

Day 11:  Tiny found a little car model of Brandon's and decided to take it for a spin along the bar.  Her little bootie just barely fit! ;)

Day 12:  Tiny made a Christmas tree out of plastic cups.  At least that's what I called it.  Mackenzie on the other hand said it wasn't a Christmas tree because the top was not yellow like it's supposed to be." :/

Day 13: She liked swinging on the light fixture so much last week, that she thought she'd swing on the swing mobile!

Day 14: Just taking a ride on Princess Twilight Sparkle!

Day 15:  Gummy worms sounded like a good midnight snack!

Day 16: Tiny decided to spend a little time reading Meredith's Bible.  Like the microphone from last week, Meredith wasn't too thrilled that Tiny was using her Bible.

Day 17:  She was cooking up something good in the kitchen this morning!  Again, Meredith wasn't too happy about Tiny messing with her stuff.  She came running to me in the bedroom with her nose all scrunched up saying, "Tiny cookin' in MY kitchen!"

One more week to go!

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