Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesdays with Tiny: 2013, Vol. 2

In the last week or two I've heard/read on facebook people asking others how they "do" the elf on the shelf, so I thought I'd share what we do.  On December first, Tiny arrives with the North Pole Breakfast - powdered donuts and chocolate milk.  Usually, she also bring little treats for the girls.  See my previous posts here, here and here.  Because we started this when Mackenzie was barely 2, we've always put Tiny back on the kitchen bar after she's been found.  I know a lot of people leave the elf and/or mess until the next night, but Mackenzie was too little and it was just too tempting to not touch the elf.  Although the book says the elves cannot be touched, I added "except by momma and daddy".  Occasionally she is left in her spot, but only if it doesn't interfere with food preparation or get in the way of our general daily activities.  The girls don't seem to question it, so that's what we do.  As you can/will see in my blog posts, Tiny sometimes does goofy things and sometimes just hides in a different spot.  She also typically stays in the kitchen, living room or play room.  As the girls get older, I can see her venturing to different parts of the house, but for now she's content with these three rooms! ;)    So that's how we do our elf on the shelf.  I'm sure it will morf through the years, but this is how it's been done the last few years.  As long as the girls are excited and want to look for her every morning, I'll keep doing it.  When it stops being fun, then we'll quit.

So, with that said, let's see what Tiny has been up to this week!

Day 4:  Meredith was NOT happy about Tiny hanging from her microphone.  She had an "angry" face and said, "Tiny" in exasperation.

Day 5:  The girls thought Tiny was so funny sleeping on the box of tissues!

Day 6:  This is one of those days where she was just hanging out in a different spot.  This is also one of those occasions where she didn't move for the day.
Day 7:  In fact, Tiny loved that little bird so much, she stayed there for day 7 too!  We told Mackenzie, that Brandon and I must have gotten home too late from his company Christmas party and she didn't have enough time to fly back to the North Pole, so she just stayed at our house for the night too.  Mackenzie seemed ok with this, although she insisted that Tiny go back to the kitchen bar so she wouldn't forget to move. ;)

Day 8:  She decided to go for a swing with Mackenzie's new necklace.  This time it was Mackenzie's turn to get upset, as she was worried her necklace would break.
Day 9:  Tiny tried to make a snowman to match the napkin.  I asked Mackenzie if she wanted to eat the snowman and she gave me a disgusted look and said, "um no, it's old!" ;)
Day 10:  Since Meredith didn't color her placemat last night, Tiny colored some of it for her.  And she looked for the hidden pictures.
I wonder what she'll do this week?!  See you next Tuesday with another installment of Tuesdays with Tiny!

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