Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tot School - Letter A

I've been working on this post for a long time!  We actually started Meredith's first "lesson" this past summer when she was begging me to "do cool" with her.  I had already printed some of the tot school printables from 1+1+1=1, so we started with Letter A!

Tot School

Meredith absolutely loves to color!  In the picture below, she is 22 months old, but the same can be said today at 27 months old.  We said "A is for Apple" over and over that day!
For this sheet, I showed her how to draw "lines" for the uppercase A and "circles" for the lowercase a,

Dot markers are also a favorite.  She did pretty well at putting the marker on the blank circle on these printables from Homeschool Creations.
Concentrating and pushing very hard!  Who knew dot markers took so much work?! ;)

We also used dot markers to highlight the letter A...
I drew the first line below and she did the rest, but in general she did pretty well.
At 22 months, she was not ready to trace the shapes, so I put the paper in a sheet protector and gave her a wet erase marker to color with.  We also named the shapes, but she was more interested in coloring.
For this sheet, I tried to get her to color the letters, but again, she wasn't too interested - and that's okay, she was only 22 or 23 months old!
She did however draw lines and circles!  She may not be able to fully recognize the letter A even after this unit, but she knows how to draw its "parts".

We tried sequencing cards and other than pretending to eat the apple, she didn't really understand it much.  When I tried it again a couple of weeks ago, she shook her head and took the papers off the table.  I guess we'll work on sequencing another time! ;)

One activity she loved was matching pretend fruit with the fruit sheet.  She surprised me at all the fruits she knew.  With the exception of kiwi and peach, she knew them all!
Meredith has a lot of energy, so party of her schooling also involved the activity mats.  She liked jumping on the mats more than trying to do the actual exercise labeled on the mats.  I'm thinking we'll pull those out again this next week and see how she likes them now.
Meredith really liked the color matching activity.  We did it this summer and a couple of weeks ago.  She doesn't "know" all of the colors by name, but she can match them really well.
We finally painted - something the girls had been asking to do for forever!  We painted apples using toilet paper tubes.  Meredith begged to paint, but then decided she was finished after 15 minutes.  I guess that's not too bad for a 2 year old's attention span.
We worked on 1 to 1 counting using the number counting sheet and magnets.  She kind of understood, but tired of the activity fairly quickly.
Instead, she just played with the magnets on the cookie sheet.

Another activity she liked was shape matching.  We just used shapes from our shape puzzle to match to the printable.  She knows several of the shapes (star, heart and oval), but struggles with square and rectangle.  At least I know what to focus on! ;)

To go along with the letter A printables, I added some "Doc McStuffins" printables from 1+1+1=1 since that is one of her favorite tv shows.  She LOVED gluing the squares on the 1:1 printable.

She did great at all of the two part puzzles, but was not too pleased when they didn't stay in place.  I guess maybe I should print them on cardstock so they will stay in place better.

On our last day of this unit - almost 5 months from when we started, I drew A, B and C on the paper and then asked her if each one was an A.  She did great and crossed out the B and C when I asked her if they were A's.  She might not say "A" when I ask her "what letter is this?" but at least she knows what is not an A.
She also worked on her fine motor skills by peeling off the paper backs of the sticky jewels to decorate her foam apples.
And by far, her favorite putting letter A stickers on a sheet of paper.  She kept asking for more and I kept having to go through my sticker stash looking for more alphabet stickers.  I was quite surprised at how many I have.

So that's her first full Tot school unit - even if it did take forever to complete.  I'm hoping to work on the letter B unit this week (and probably next).  We aren't quite working at the speed I had planned, but with 3 kids under 5, including a 3 month old, it's the best I can do.


  1. Good job, Mama! Our best is all we can do! :)

  2. The best you can do is GREAT! I think it's awesome that you made it work for her and for your current season of life! Who cares if letter A lasted for months! ;-) Thanks for linking up!


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