Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Snacks

I'm officially dairy and soy free.  I mentioned in Miranda's 3 month post that we thought she was allergic to soy too.  It's not as bad as the dairy, but it clearly makes her uncomfortable and fussy.  Last Wednesday was my first official day (I thought) that I stopped eating soy that was listed in the allergen information at the end of the ingredients list.  However, after looking a little closer into the ingredients, some foods have soybean oil in them and they don't have to list it under the allergen list because its a highly refined oil.  Supposedly, most people who are allergic to soy are not allergic to soybean oil, however since we aren't sure how strong her allergy is, I'm eliminating all soy from my diet.  Unfortunately for me, most thing that don't have milk protein, have soy instead!  I didn't realize this until Friday morning.

Friday and Saturday were a little rough for me because I couldn't eat any of my dairy free snacks or the bread we had in the house.  Basically, I was restricted to meat, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables.  By Saturday night I was a little emotional about the whole thing.  Just like I was with my hospital bed rest, I am constantly torn between wanting to give up the diet and buy special formula for her and doing all I can so that she continue to nurse and get the nutrients and anti-bodies she needs.  EVERY day is a struggle for me, so with the added restrictions I was a mess on Saturday.  Brandon suggested I go to sprouts to see what options I had in regards to snacks and other foods, so I packed up Miranda and the sling and we headed to the store at 6:00pm.

I found the "butter" I needed, bread I can eat snacks and desserts!  When I came home from the store I fixed myself a sandwich on my new bread and ate my new "cheese puffs".  Oh my goodnes!  Do you know how good it was to eat something that tastes like cheese after not having any in over 2 months?!  That al9ong with the Dr. Pepper I bought on my way home, made me feel so much better.  It's not that I want my life to revolve around food, but I would like to be able to snack on some things that aren't just fruit and veggies.  These are the puffs I bought:
I can also eat Lays and Fritos chips because they use canola or sunflower oil rather than vegetable oil (read soybean oil). After my yummy sandwich I had one of my new "ice cream" sandwiches made with coconut milk.  I was a little skeptical about these when I bought them because I am typically a plain vanilla or plain chocolate kind of girl.  However, these are quite good.  Again, it helps that I haven't had ice cream in over two months! ;)

I also found some delicious chocolate chewy bars.  I'm pretty excited about these and the overall brand.  All of their products are free from the top 8 allergens, so I don't have to worry about anything, really.  And again, they are pretty good!  Kind of small, but still really good and only 100 calories!

I will definitely be buying more of these!

So that's what is new in our lives.  It takes about 1 1/2-2 weeks for soy to get out of my body/milk, so hopefully by this weekend we'll have an even happier baby!  For Miranda's sake, I hope she outgrows these allergies by age 1 so that we don't have to deal with it too much in feeding her solid foods.

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