Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Randomness

Having the time to blog is getting harder and harder.  It's a little frustrating because I WANT to blog.  It's my way of documenting our lives.  I turn the blog into a book and boom - I have an instant scrapbook!  Miranda is starting to have a bedtime routine, so all this week, I've been able to feed her and put her down about the same time as the girls and she'll sleep in her swing for a few hours.  I stay up until her next feeding, which gives me 3-4 hours of no kids!  This week I have wrapped gifts, sorted the girls stash of gifts, blogged, read books and watched movies.  Tonight is another blogging night.  I remember doing this when Meredith was a baby.  From 8-11pm I got A LOT accomplished!  My body is already used to the sleep deprivation at this point, so why not get some stuff checked off my to do list, too! ;)

A couple of weeks ago "us girls" were being silly in the playroom.  I'm not even going to show you my crazy picture because my eyes look like crazy eyes, but I will show you this picture of me and Miranda.  I look like I'm laying on her, but I'm not.
Mackenzie was extremely silly...
And Meredith just wanted to pose:

On another day, the girls decided they would fix my hair.  It didn't feel quite as nice as a professional stylist might feel. ;)

Miranda sat in the bumbo seat for the first time the other day.  She's not fully in control of her neck just yet, but that's what's great about the bumbo.  With such a high back, it kind of helps babies.  She won't sit in it for a real long time, but it's something for her to occasionally sit in and have a change of scenery.
Of course, with a standard "first" photo like this, I have to compare to the other girls.  With Miranda's adjusted age at a little over 2 months in this photo, she's right at the same age I put Mackenzie and Meredith in the bumbo for the first time.
Notice the bumbo color?  We had sold our other one, so a friend is letting me borrow hers.

Brandon is sick right now.  He has the flu, but was able to start Tami flu this morning - within 36 hours of the symptoms starting.  He has quarantined himself to our bedroom in hopes that me and the girls don't catch anything.  We all (except Miranda) received a flu shot this year, so here's hoping mine and the girls' work better than Brandon's did! :/  I've got lysol wipes and two different sprays that I'm using a lot and will continue to use!  

Miranda smiles a lot now.  Mackenzie gets excited every time and shouts, "Momma, momma, Miranda smiled!"  I wonder when the excitement will go away.  I guess it will probably just transfer to the next firsts...rolling, crawling, walking, talking.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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