Sunday, December 1, 2013

24 Days!!!!

Can you believe it's DECEMBER???!!!  I love Christmastime and it's only 25 days away!  You know what else I love?  I love Christmastime with little kids!  They get so excited with you and make the holiday so much more fun.  Add in Miranda's first Christmas and we are all ready for the "season"!  Our trees are up and decorated, the outside of the house is all decorated and we have all but 3 Christmas gifts bought and ready to wrap.  The last three gifts are some of the guys in our family.  Why is it so hard to shop for guys? :/  Two of the three are in Brandon's family, so I'm passing the responsibility to him.  That leaves me with only one left and I'm ordering that one today! ;)

Tiny arrived today.  "She" has her antics planned in an excell sheet on my computer.  This way, maybe she won't forget any nights this year! Although, she had an excell sheet last year and still managed to forget, so we'll see how she does this year.  ;) I'll be blogging weekly posts of our adventures like I did last year.  Both girls are pretty excited about her and let's be honest, so am I.

We are doing the advent tree again this year.  Every year I pack it up with the ornaments already in their bag, so that all I have to do is unpack it from storage and it's ready for us.  We'll have our first devotional and open the first ornament tonight.  I'm excited about going into a little more depth with Mackenzie this year and knowing that Meredith understands what we are talking about, even if she doesn't fully grasp the concept.

Our calendar is filling up with festivities - first one is this Friday and I can't wait because it means a date night for me and Brandon!  WooHoo!  Others include Mackenzie's school program, Christmas with my family (x2) and ends with Brandon's family celebrating Christmas at our house.  Busy, busy and I love it.   And because we aren't busy enough as it is, I'll be checking out my Christmas pinterest board to see what the girls and I can do for crafts this holiday season!  I think I'll be realistic this year and know we won't do a craft every week day, but hopefully we can do 2-3 per week depending on their complexity/messiness.

I still have a little more decorating to do, but otherwise I'm ready for Christmas! ;)  How about you?

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