Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Blog Recap

This is one of my favorite blog posts that I do all year - my blog recap.  2013 started off with a wonderful surprise and has been a crazy, but good, year!

January - It's crazy to look at pictures of Meredith back in January.  She has changed a lot in one year!  January was full of outside play time, home preschool, tot school and general fun with the girls.  It looks like I attempted to start year long organizational challenge, but clearly never got past week 1! ha!  Behind the scenes and not blogged about...Brandon received a promotion at work on a Wednesday and the following Monday I found out I was pregnant.  What an exciting start to 2013!

February - I didn't blog too much in February, but when I did it was mostly about the school activities I was doing with the girls - mainly Mackenzie.  I bought a light scoop for my camera this month and still LOVE IT!

March - In March we finally announced my pregnancy!  Meredith lost a fingernail after smashing her finger in the garage door and we picked strawberries.  It appears I like doing random list posts this month, so I offered quite the variety of information and memories of our goings on. ;)

April - We got sick this month!  We rarely get sick, but this month all of us got something! Brandon built some night stands and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the spring time weather.

May - We went on a quick vacation in May!  Mackenzie still mentions it at least once every couple of weeks and talks about when we'll go back with Miranda.  The biggest event was finding out we were having another little girl!  And then announcing the M name.

June - With summer rolling in, we visited Granny & Papa, learned that Meredith likes to "fly" in the pool, and spent some time at the library.

July - I started preparing for the girls' birthday party this month.  Well, actually that's not true - I only started blogging about my preparation in July.  I think the highlight for the girls was probably the firestation tour.  The bummer was all of us girls getting sick again!

August - I had a lot planned for August - our last summer month prior to Miranda's arrival.  The girls and I did a lot of swimming, went to a children's book reading and the butterfly exhibit/museum in the first two weeks.  Then of course, I said all was going well in my pregnancy...only to find out it wasn't!  2 weeks later we met sweet baby Miranda, 6 weeks early, and celebrated Meredith's 2nd birthday.

September - September was the month of adjustment!  Miranda came home 12 days after she was born.  I had the privileged of taking all three girls to the doctor and Mackenzie turned 5 years old!

October - I didn't blog much during October.  Miranda and the big girls occupied a lot of my time - and still do!  Our biggest event was finally having the girls' birthday party this month!  We LaLa loved it! ;)

November - I recapped our Halloween fun in November.  Mackenzie had a daddy/daughter day in Aggieland and I somehow found time to organize my pantry.

December -Tiny came for a visit or two and Meredith sang Jingle Bells A LOT!!!  Mackenzie had her school Christmas program and in general we just enjoyed the holidays and family time together!

Happy New Year everyone!  I can't wait to start 2014!

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