Thursday, November 21, 2013

Purple, Purple!

Most days Miranda wears plain onesies. Mainly because we are inside most of the time, but also because up until recently, her clothes were too big.  Now that she can fit in the clothing better, I'm starting to actually "dress" her more.  Tuesday, I decided to take pictures of her in the cute little purple outfit a friend of ours gave us.
It fit her really well for a 0-3 month outfit.  Yay!  She doesn't look to thrilled, though! :)  Her smiles are coming more often, but considering her adjusted age is just 6 weeks old, she's right on track.

I think those blue eyes are here to stay!

Her cheeks are so chubby and she rocks the double chin very well! ;)

Meredith joined in the fun too!

I had Meredith get in the chair with Miranda, so I could get a picture of just them (Mackenzie was at school).
This was their first picture together in "the chair", so I of course had to find Mackenzie and Meredith's first picture in the chair!
Now, I just need a picture of all three!

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