Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pantry Organization

I FINALLY re-organized my pantry!  It's been on my to-do list since before Miranda was born.  I love our pantry - it's large and has a LOT of storage.  But, because of that it has become sort of a catch all for anything related to the kitchen. Besides food, it held paper plates and napkins from several years of birthday parties, paper towels, lunch boxes, cake plates, large drink server, ice tea maker and anything else that we could cram in.  It was a  mess and was slowly starting to drive me crazy!

I started this summer with completing my labeled glass canisters.  I used my cricut and vinyl adhesive to create these beauties!

Then, 5 months later, I finally re-organzied the pantry! ;)  It started with the purchase/delivery of our new dining table and matching china cabinet a couple of weeks ago.

By filling the cabinet, I practically cleared out our butler's pantry area.  

And of course having that area open for more storage, I was able to relocate many items from the pantry - like cook books, lunch boxes, pitchers and other large serve wear.  Here's my pantry from earlier this summer.  The food may be a little different, but the general messiness was still there this past week!

There was somewhat of an organization, but it was getting too crowded with all of the other miscellaneous stuff being stored in the pantry.  My pantry is located on the opposite side of our kitchen from our breakfast table, so I did not do the typical "pull everything out" clean out.  I was carrying Miranda in the sling and I didn't know when she would decide she had had enough, so walking across the kitchen 100 times carrying stuff wasn't ideal for me.  Instead I just started rearranging while I was standing there in the pantry.  I kind of had an idea of where I wanted things, but it ended up changing while I was putting things in their place.  Several groups were moved a couple of times in the process.  Once I was complete, I was pretty excited.  My pantry looks so clean now!

 And of course, I have the side by side comparisons!  So much better! ;)

One organizing project down, let's find another! ;)

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