Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Photo Love

It's already 5 days into November and I'm just now getting around to doing my monthly photo love post. I really like doing these posts because I get to look back at all the pictures I took for the month and it helps me remember what we did.  I don't always remember what pictures I took, so it seems there is always some surprise photo that I had forgotten about.  That's what I love most about my photo love posts.  So, here are my favorite photos from October!

This was our first Sunday morning with slightly cold weather - we broke out the long sleeves and tights!  Mackenzie even crammed her feet in last year's boots since we didn't have any other winter shoes that fit her besides tennis shoes.
I think it's funny that neither of them could stand with both feet flat on the floor. :/

Meredith LOVES her big sister most of the time.  Brandon couldn't resist taking this photo expressing Meredith's love - she just had to be right next to Mackenzie.  Even her own comfortable chair (pink) wasn't close enough!
Miranda having some tummy time...

I LOVE silly faces that babies make!  Miranda's shirt is covering up her double chin, but just by looking at her cheeks, you can tell it's there! ;)
My 5 year old...
My 2 year old...
"This is my cake!"
"Happy Halloween!"

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