Thursday, November 14, 2013

Meredith the fashionista!

Meredith LOVES to dress up!  Her favorites are this pink dress and additional tutu.  Because you can never wear too much tulle!

On Halloween, Mackenzie got to wear her costume to school, so Meredith wanted to wear a costume too.  She went to Miranda's doctor appointment dressed as Minnie!

Last week she wore her go-to outfit again!
Every morning just after I dress her, she comes up to me with the dress and says, "put dress on me".  This morning I told her she had to wait until after we got back from dropping Mackenzie off at school.  Sure enough, within 20 minutes of getting home, she brought me the dress.  She's still wearing it as I type.

My favorite outfit so far is the one below - cowboy hat, tulle skirt, high heels and a magic wand!
 Gotta love her style! :)

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