Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mackenzie's thoughts...

Mackenzie is very much mine and Brandon's child, in that she is a planner!  Everything is laid out and thought through in her mind.  She even tells her plans when it comes to bathroom breaks...

"I'm going to the bathroom while you finish what you are doing.  Then you can get our snack and then we'll play ____."

The other day she told me the colors of the vitamins she needed for the next few days.  She doesn't just plan the immediate future, but has months and years already planned out, too.  About a month ago she asked me when she could drive and when I told her in 11 more years, she asked how many sleeps that was! Ha - I love the way kids think!

She has altered her career choice a little and decided to be a doctor and an artist, rather than doctor and astronaut.  As soon as she decided on artist, she said, "now I just have to figure out what days I'll do each one."  I told her maybe she should be an artist on the weekends or at night and she seemed ok with that. ;)

Her biggest dilemma that she brings up every couple of weeks is where she's going to live when she grows up.  For whatever reason, at first she thought she needed to move to another state and she was concerned with what states have tornadoes.  We told her that most tornadoes happen north of us and she doesn't have to leave Texas if she doesn't want to.  She seems ok with this, but then just this week she told me she still wasn't sure what city she was going to live in. The stresses a 5 year old has these days are crazy! ;)

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