Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lalaloopsy party favors

When planning the girls' lalaloopsy party, I saw a LOT of cute party favors online.  It was very easy to make a huge list of things I wanted to make and give away, but I tried to keep it simple and only did a few things.  One party I saw used chinese food boxes as the container, so when I saw these colorful boxes at Oriental Trading Company, I knew they would be perfect.  I also knew I wanted to tie ribbon across the handles.
I was a little bummed when I got the boxes and the handle were rope, but it the ribbon still worked.  I bought a lalaloopsy digital scrapbooking kit and small round images from etsy to create the favor covers (not to mention the other signs and paper crafts for the party).  This was the best 7 or 8 dollars I spent because I was able to make so many things exactly how I wanted and print it myself!  Because we had boy and girl party favors, I put names on the boxes so boys wouldn't get the girls gifts and girls wouldn't get the boys gifts.
Besides candy, inside the box was a "button" frisbee, a tatoo, a button bracelet (girls), bottle cap necklace (girls) and bottle cap zipper pull (boys).  Plus the lalaloopsy markers had to be taped to he outside of the box since they didn't fit inside.  The girls got a little more candy, since I didn't have as many items for them.
The button bracelets have 80 buttons each and are double strung, thanks to a suggestion from my mom.  I'm proud to say I haven't had one break yet, but I also haven't been pulling and stretching them out to see what would happen.
I made these back in June or July and since I wasn't sure who all would be able to attend the party, I made quite a few! ;)
The bottle cap necklaces and zipper pulls were a lot easier than I thought they would be.  My mom found the little bottle caps at a hobby store and bought the bigger bottle caps through Stampin' Up.  Thanks to a tutorial online I figured out all I had to use was stampin' Up's crystal effects.  All I did was print and cut the image, affix it to the bottle cap with double sided tape and pour in the crystal effects over the image.  They dried over night and looked great.  Cutting the small images was the hardest thing to do! ;)
On some of them I went a little to fast when applying the crystal effects and they ended up with air bubbles.  Now I know to really take my time!

I had so much fun making these party favors and truly love to do things like this more than just give out candy.  I think I will definitely try to incorporate some sort of hand crafted item in future parties.  And since I still have lots of bottle cap crafting supplies left over, don't be surprised if that appears again next year! ;)

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