Friday, November 29, 2013

Instagram Pics

I joined Instagram a couple of years ago and haven't used it much until more recently.  For those of you not on Instagram or facebook, here are some of my favorite photos and comments from the last couple of months.

Trying something new for lunch today.

Forget the playground, smashing acorns is much more fun!

We give these to Meredith for fiber and this is a new flavor. She took a Sip/swallow, handed it back to me and said, "me sick". As in this made me sick...I don't like it! I guess we won't be buying this flavor again.

"I not a sweaty girl" she says with her hair stuck to her face.

I told mackenzie to pick out a book tonight and she said, "i got the one with the butterfly ropin' grapes." First, thats a bluebonnet. Second, I didn't know butterflies could rope things.

We start swim lessons again in January, so I made the girls try on their suits to see if they need new ones. Now they want to wear their swim suits all day. The high may only be 55 today, but we are having a swim day INSIDE!

She kept saying "i Minnie mouse!" Because of the pink bow. Who knew Minnie mouse wore camo?

This is how Miranda sleeps most of the day! At least I have 2 free arms!
Snuggles with this girl after everyone has gone to bed makes my day/week.

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