Thursday, November 7, 2013

Aggie Day

A few weeks ago, Brandon took Mackenzie with him to tailgate at one of A&M's games with his company.  This was her first real trip to A&M (we've driven by to show her) and I think they had a blast.  They left at 9:00am and came home around 5:30 or 6:00.
Brandon said they did a lot of walking, which would normally have her complaining in the first few minutes, but I think she was so excited to be there with Brandon that she didn't mind.  She even met and played with another 5 year old Mackenzie.  I'm so glad she had fun and hopefully all of us can go next year.

With the knowledge of the Aggies and Aggieland becoming a reality, she talks about them a little more.  On Halloween day we were headed to school and she randomly said, "I sure hope those Aggies don't get wet!"  I laughed and told her that unfortunately, they were going to get wet, because unlike dropping her off at school, Aggies have to park far away from their classrooms and walk in the rain.  Of course, this led to the popular question, "why". :)  Maybe in 13 years she'll be one of the Aggies getting wet in the rain! ;)

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