Monday, November 4, 2013

A pony, a ballerina & a baby

I'm always a day or two late with posting about Halloween.  Or, in this case, 4 days late! ;)

We saved money, yet again this year by having Meredith wear a hand me down outfit.  She was pretty excited to wear one of Mackenzie's old dance costumes.  She danced around the living room until it was time to go trick or treating (and wore it all the next day!)  It is now part of our dress up clothes. ;)
This photo make me laugh even though it's very blurry.  This is most of my pictures of Meredith - she can't be still even for a photo!
Originally I thought Mackenzie might be a matching ballerina (we have 2 white ballet costumes), but she decided she wanted to be Princess Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony.  The only costume we could find (that wasn't handmade and cost a fortune on etsy) was a dress.  Even that I had to buy from ebay to get it in her size.  The problem with just a dress is that it's missing all the accessories that make Twilight an alicorn (flying unicorn).  Mackenzie decided that she didn't need a tail or mane, but wanted wings, ears and a horn.
The fairy wings we already had were good enough for her and I made a horn and ears out of felt using templates I found from this blog.  If I hadn't been so busy with Miranda, then I might have tried the entire costume that is featured on her blog.  Maybe next year Meredith will want to be twilight and I can make the full costume.

This picture below is Mackenzie "flying" and Meredith "dancing".
This is how Miranda spent Halloween - sleeping in the sling.
Since we sold the caterpillar costume that both girls wore, she doesn't have a costume, but she did celebrate by wearing orange and black.
This is how she feels about halloween - ehh. ;)

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