Thursday, October 10, 2013

The girls are funny...

The girls have been saying funny and cute things lately.  I wanted to document them so I'll be sharing them with you too!

First up, Mackenzie...
  • Brandon has been going grocery shopping for me on the weekends and takes the big girls while I stay home with Miranda.  A couple of weeks ago, I put apples on the list and requested either Golden Delicious, Gala or Pink Lady.  Later that night I cut an apple to eat and both girls were instantly by my side to "share" it with me.  As we were eating a Golden Delicious apple, Mackenzie says, "I wish we could have gotten Pink Lady apples at the store."  This was followed by a side glance at Brandon.  I asked if something was said at the grocery store about pink lady apples and Brandon laughed and said that he told her they were getting golden delicious because they were cheaper.  Apparently, Mackenzie consented at the time, but was happy to express her disappointment with me. ;)
  • Mackenzie asks if she "can look at Miranda" all the time.  This requires that she be directly looking at Miranda in the face and must be a few inches away.  She asks because sometimes it means she needs to climb on the bed to see her.  I like that she asks, but sometimes she uses it as an excuse not to do something.  She got upset the other day when I said no, she needed to eat her breakfast first.  I informed her that Miranda will be with us forever and there will be plenty of opportunities to "look at her"! ;)
  • When I was pregnant with Miranda, it was getting harder and harder to lean over Mackenzie's bed rail to hug her good night.  I always had to ask her to sit up for hugs and kisses because my belly was too big.  Since I've been home, every time I bend over to give her a hug and a kiss, sh asks, "is your tummy getting smaller?"  I sure am glad someone's here making sure I'll lose the baby weight! HA! ;)
  • For school, Mackenzie received a storybook bible for us to read a story out of each night.  Almost every night as we get the bible book and another book to read, she says, "The bible story has to be read first because it is more important than the other book."  I'm glad she believes and insists on that!
And now Meredith's turn.  She is currently the funniest because her vocabulary is improving so much that she surprises us at what she says.
  • Every time Meredith sees Miranda she says in this cute, sweet voice "aaawwww" and pats Miranda's head.  She has been super sweet with Miranda and I love seeing her interact with her.
  • After we read books before bed, I tell the girls to go give Brandon a hug and a kiss.  Meredith always has to be first and has now started running to Brandon saying, "me, me, me".  I told Mackenzie if Meredith is going to call her "kiki", then she needs to call Meredith, "mimi"! ;)
  • The other day at the playground, Meredith got inside a play castle and instantly shouted, "I'm trapped!  I'm trapped!"  She was pretending, obviously, but I have no idea where she's learned about being trapped. :/
  • Meredith says a prayer at naptime with me and the other day she thanked God for her food and her "messy".  She said this while touching her fingers.  I'm pretty sure she was thanking God for the cheetos she had eaten for lunch! ;)
  • My favorite is what she has learned from watching Doc McStuffns on TV.  For those who don't know, it's a TV show about a little girl who is a doctor to her toys.  Every episode involves a "sick" or broken toy and Doc has to figure out what is wrong and write it down in her book.  So, after Meredith "checked" me with her doctor set, she said, "I have di-nosis".  In other words, "I have a diagnosis!"  (What Doc says in every episode.)  She then pretended her bible was the "big book of booboos".
I can't wait to have stories about Miranda too!  Right now I only have stories about her eating or crying, so those aren't any fun, but someday soon... ;)

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