Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lala Loopsy Birthday Party

We finally had the big girls' birthday party this past weekend.  It was originally planned for the end of August, but since I was on hospital bed rest and it was 2 days before Miranda was born, we post-poned it.  I had been planning this party for forever - it's what I do with their parties.  When I went into the hospital I had almost everything complete, so I didn't have too much to do to complete it for the actual party.

I've learned from past experience, to take pictures of the girls BEFORE the event, so here they are dressed up and ready for their party.  They had been talking about it all morning!

After looking on etsy and finding all kinds of over priced lalaloopsy shirts, I asked my friend if she could do something similar and sure enough she could.  I think the shirts are awesome and the girls loved them!

As usual, I had a welcome table where guests could sign the girls birthday books.  This was Mackenzie's 4th birthday book and Meredith's first.  I can't wait to see the birthday book collection grow as the years go by.  Already, I like to look at Mackenzie's books and see who came to the party and what they wrote.  I'm so glad I stole this idea from my friend Kim! ;)
My stash of scrapbook paper came in handy when creating the welcome board.  I also cut out the lalaloopsy girls from a couple of coloring books we have! ;)
I now have a TON of buttons and LOTS of yarn balls.  My mom has recommended we use the yarn balls for gross motor games.  As it is rainy today, we might be following through with that idea today!
Also on the sign in table was a "guess the buttons" game.  Each guest guessed how many buttons were in the little mason jar.  It's surprising how many buttons fit in that jar - 458!
The winner was Brandon's dad with a guess of 450.  He gave his lalaloopsy prize to the second place winner who was only off by 9 buttons!  Such close guesses!
Our neighborhood clubhouse wouldn't let us put anything on the walls, so I had to hang my banners on the tables.  I kept the food simple this time around - chicken nuggets, fruit and pretzels.

I kept the food simple because, as usual, I went a little over board with the desserts! ;)
Mackenzie's cake was a two layer strawberry cake with white frosting.  I made the candy buttons and was so excited to see that they looked like real buttons.  A mini Jewel Sparkles is on top of the cake.  She's a retired doll, so she's super expensive and this is probably the only way the girls will have her - in miniature form! ;)  The bear in the background is Mackenzie's school bear.  Every school day, the bear goes home with a different child and it just happened that he came home with Mackenzie on Thursday, so he came to her birthday party too!
Meredith's cake was chocolate with white icing. On top of her cake is Jewel's "little sister" Trinket Sparkles.  When I saw the two pack of dolls this summer, I knew it was perfect for their cakes!
I couldn't resist an idea I saw on pinterest for brightly colored cake balls with sprinkles!  They were white cake balls, so all the basic cake flavors were covered! ;)
We also had plenty of candy buttons!
Decorated tables....

Brandon is not a big fan of party games, but Mackenzie requested games and you can do a lot of cute things with a lalaloopsy/sewing theme!  I didn't take very good pictures of the games - sorry.  Shown below are "spools eye" and "ring toss".  Both were pretty popular while waiting for guests to arrive.  Simple tossing of spools of thread or embroidery hoops onto knitting needles.
I think the favorite game was "Pin the silly hair on Harmony".  I scanned in a coloring book page of Harmony, printed it on multiple 11x17 sheets and then traced it to a large sheet of paper.  All of my markers from architecture school came in handy when coloring in the drawing.  Mackenzie kept me in line and made sure the colors matched exactly! ;)
Everyone watched as I put the sticky backs on the hair...
I forgot to check for a mask, so I just covered the kids eyes with my hand.

They all liked it so much, we had to do the game twice!  Boy was her hair silly by the end! ;)

After games it was time to sing happy birthday and blow out candles...
When we took the candles out, Meredith was just sure her cake was just for her! ;)

Before everyone left, they were able to pick up their party favor box...

I even had boxes for Mackenzie and Meredith, so they enjoyed opening them up and seeing what was inside (a future blog post).

Mackenzie insisted that this sweet little girl from her preschool be invited.  Despite such short notice (4 days), she came and Mackenzie was so excited.  We let the girls open their birthday present from her before they left and as you can see, Mackenzie and Meredith LOVE their new night gowns!  They wore them home and kept them on until bedtime! ;)
So, the party was great and the girls had fun.  Another year gone by.  Next year I will be planning for three birthday girls, but I think we are going to have 2 smaller parties.  I'll give myself another 3 months before I start planning! HA! ;)

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  1. A million LOVES!!! As usual, it is all super cute and so fun! Parties make me happy, happy happy and it looks like the girls were thrilled! :)


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