Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Celebrating the girls' birthdays...

I came home from the hospital on Meredith's birthday.  My mom was kind enough to pick up party decorations and cupcakes so we could celebrate!  Minnie Mouse is currently one of Meredith's favorite shows, so the decorations were perfect!
Meredith thought the candle was interesting...
But did not like when we started singing to her! ;)
I think Brandon had to blow out the candle for her (but I honestly cannot remember).
Once the candle and singing fiasco was over, she thoroughly enjoyed eating the icing off her cupcake! ;)
Mackenzie really got in the spirit of the party and wore the Minnie Mouse ears!

Three weeks later on Mackenzie's birthday, I pulled out the same decorations for a mini party that morning with just us girls.
Thank goodness for party gifts from us that never got opened. ;)

Unlike Meredith, Mackenzie likes to blow out candles, so she blew out candles at breakfast...
and after dinner!

The girls' party was originally planned for August, but with Miranda's unexpected delivery, plans were changed.  We'll be having their party later this month, but I wanted to document their actual birthdays.

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