Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miranda is 1 month old!

It's hard to believe Miranda is already a month old.  Part of the not believing is because she's only been home with us for a little over 2 1/2 weeks.  Tomorrow is actually when we had scheduled her delivery, so to think she wasn't even supposed to be here yet is crazy!  Nonetheless, we are glad she's here and doing so well at 1 month old.

How do you like that big monkey in her monthly photo?  I didn't really have a stuffed monkey I wanted to use for her pictures until my friend brought that as a gift last week!  It really is a large stuffed animal and looks even bigger next to tiny Miranda!

We don't go for her official 1 month check up until Monday, so I don't have any stats for her.  However, we went to the doctor this past Monday and she weighed 5lbs 12oz.  The doctor thinks she might have a milk allergy, so I am doing a dairy free trial for this week.  She is already doing so much better in the 4 days I haven't had dairy, so I'm thinking it's a for sure thing.  I'll talk to the doctor on Monday to confirm.  Not having dairy is hard for me, but like the bed rest I had before she delivered, I can do this for her!

At 1 month, Miranda...
- eats 7 or 8 3oz bottles every day, although we are still working on nursing.
- wears size newborn clothes (5-9lbs), but they are still a little big on her.
- sleeps a lot (see pictures above!), but is slowly starting to stay awake more.
- likes to sleep swaddled and in her rocker thingy.

Here are the three girls at 1 month with the birthday bear.

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