Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First day of Preschool

Mackenzie's first day of preschool was last Tuesday and it's official - she LOVES school.  I was a little nervous that she wouldn't like the social aspect of it, but she seems to be playing well with the other kids and sort of making new friends.  Brandon took her that first morning since I can't lift Meredith, just yet.  I was already emotional the night before because of pregnancy hormones and the fact that I couldn't be there on her first day (drop off or pick up).  Luckily, I was on the phone arranging childcare for Meredith (so I could visit Miranda at the hospital) when Brandon and Mackenzie had to leave.  I had to give her a quick kiss and hug and there wasn't any time for tears from either of us.

When my friend dropped her off that afternoon, she was super excited and said she couldn't wait to go back.  There haven't been any tears at all and she's actually a little bummed that I might be picking her up 10-15 minutes early so we can go to the doctor.

Mackenzie actually told me on Monday "we could do school here on days I don't go to school."  Originally, we were going to start our homeschool preschool the week of August 26th when all the other schools started and then she would start preschool at our church the next week.  I had planned to get in about a month of our own preschool time (on her off days) before we took about a month off when Miranda arrived.  Obviously all that changed when Miranda was born on August 26!  So, we'll take our month off now and start our own preschool in October.  I know she's getting bored here at our house since I've been home from the hospital, but I'm not ready to handle a newborn and home preschool just yet.  Hopefully, two days a week away from home will be enough for her, for now.

By the way, did you notice her backpack?  She picked it out a couple of months ago.  I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't budge since she currently LOVES My Little Pony.  I believe when Brandon saw it for the first time he said, "Wow, that's bright." ;)

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