Friday, September 13, 2013

Doctor Visit x 3

I was feeling pretty adventurous yesterday and took all 3 girls for their well check appointments!  Overall, it wasn't too bad, except Meredith is at the age now where she pretty much cries through the entire doctor's appointment.  Mackenzie used to do the same thing and didn't stop until almost age 4.  So, basically, Meredith will get comfortable at the doctor's office right about the time Miranda starts hating the doctor! Only 4 more years of lots of tears when visiting the doctor.  Oooh yay! ;)

For my own journaling/scrapbooking purposes, here are the girls current stats...

Mackenzie turns 5 next week, but we went ahead and had her 5 year check up yesterday.  She did great yesterday and even got up on the table.  She's always been afraid because of what I'm assuming is a heights issue, but yesterday she climbed up the stairs and got right on and I didn't even have to hold her hand.  She's growing up! ;)  She also went all by herself with the nurse to do her hearing and vision tests (which she passed).  She loved the nurse and doctor up until the very last minute when the nurse gave her the flu mist vaccine.  She cried and tried to move her head around so we kind of had to hold her in place.  After that she didn't talk to the nurse and didn't even wave goodbye to her when we left.  Such a silly girl.  I knew Mackenzie had had a recent growth spurt and was getting taller, but I assumed she was still average height for her age.  I guess I was wrong.

Height: 3'-8" (81 percentile)
Weight: 40.5 lbs (58 percentile)

I was shocked at her height percentile since she's always been in the average range, but it could just be that she hit her growth spurt right at her birthday.  All I know is that come winter time, we will definitely not be able to use any of last years winter clothes even if they do fit her in the waist! ;)

As I said before, Meredith cried almost the entire appointment.  At one point she was happy when she watched Mackenzie get checked, but then as soon as the doctor said her name, she screamed "noooooo.  I want to go home."  That phrase reminds me of the question the doctor asked me, "Does Meredith speak at least 50 words and use two word sentences?"  I said yes, but I was thinking, "yes, she knows about 10 times that many words and is not afraid to say all of them to you, especially if she can boss you around."  But again, I just said, "yes." ;)  Meredith had to get one shot yesterday.  It was the very last thing we did.  I even had Miranda already strapped in her carseat/stroller and my purse/bag ready to go.  The minute they gave her the shot, they put her back on the floor, I pulled up her pants and said, "It's time to go home."  Instantly, the tears were gone and she waved goodbye to the nurse.  She also started telling her all about how we were going to go get french fries and juice at sonic.  Meredith is an expert at turning the tears off and on!

Height: 3'-1" (99 percentile)
Weight: 31.5 lbs (93 percentile)

So, there's a theory/height predictor that says if you double the height of a girl when they are 18-24 months old, you will know how tall they will be as an adult.  If this is true, then Meredith will be anywhere between 5'-8" and 6'-2"!  Only time will tell!

Miranda was actually the first child to be checked and she did pretty well considering babies are always stripped naked to be weighed and have only a diaper on for the rest of their check up.  She is doing great and gained 9 ounces in the last 6 days she's been home!  She's not on any of the charts since she's a preemie, but she's still doing well.

Height: 18 3/4" (grew 3/4" since birth)
Weight: 5 lbs 1oz (was 4 lbs 8oz when released from the hospital)

After I loaded up the girls we drove next door and we all got a drink and french fries!  A special treat for an 1 1/2 at the doctor's office!  I have to go back in 2 weeks for Miranda's one month appointment, but I think I'll make that during Mackenzie's preschool time and I might even have someone watch Meredith since she's the crier, even when it's not her turn! ;) 

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