Monday, September 2, 2013

1 week

Miranda is one week old today!  She is making great progress in the NICU and is now back up to her birth weight as well as growing another 1/2 inch in length!  This afternoon they are planning to try to feed her through a bottle rather than the feeding tube, so I'm hoping she does well with that.

I've been home since Thursday (Meredith's birthday) and am doing pretty well.  My energy level is down after having laid in a hospital bed for 15 days.  I get tired very easily, plus, the pre-eclampsia doesn't instantly go away with the birth of the baby, so I'm still taking blood pressure medications to keep it in the normal range.  Even with the medications, I've found that I have to concentrate on relaxation and not doing too much.  I'm also trying to watch my sodium intake and any other foods that might make my blood pressure rise.  I have to go back to the doctor some time this week to have my pressures checked.  While my pressures have been fine here at the house, I'm hoping they don't rise with "white coat syndrome" when I get to the doctor's office.  ;)

I've been visiting Miranda every day since I got home.  I took Mackenzie in with me on Friday and she loved just looking at her.  She told me, "I don't want to leave, I just want to keep looking at her." ;)  Saturday, Brandon and I visited her together for the first time.  I know that sounds funny, but we had always visited her at different times and really, unless someone comes to watch the girls on the weekend, we'll still be visiting her separately.  Yesterday I was able to hold her for the first time, so I stayed a couple of hours and loved every minute!  Today, I drove myself to the hospital (first time to drive in almost 3 weeks) and stayed another 2 hours.  It's so peaceful to just sit there while she sleeps on my chest.  I could sit and hold her forever, but I do have other kids to take care of, so I can't! ;)  Instead, I just soak up every ounce of her in the daily visit I have.  It's a little surreal to come home and not be pregnant, yet not have a baby here at the house.  I think it's been a little helpful for the girls after I was gone for 2 weeks.  This way, they can have me all to themselves for a couple of weeks before Miranda comes home and changes the schedule.

Anyways, that's our current update.  I'll try to update more often and/or post about other things too, as my energy and schedule allows.

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