Monday, September 30, 2013

September Photo Love

Time to see some of my favorite photos from September!

Meredith loves her cupcake icing!
Mackenzie loves to hold Miranda...
This is how we nap...
Home from the hospital!
Well, Hello Miranda...
Sleepy, sleepy...
Happy Birthday Mackenzie!
Sweet Meredith...
"It's baby Randa"

I LOVE her feet!
Another month gone by.  I did pretty good with taking pictures this month, but I'll have to do better next month so that I can capture the everyday moments of our lives.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Loving their little sister!

The girls LOVE their little sister!  I knew Mackenzie would love Miranda, but I wasn't quite sure how Meredith would react.  It turns out she's a lot like Mackenzie was with her - kind of indifferent, but still likes to look at her and pat her a little.  Whenever she hears Miranda cry, she comes running to me to tell me. ;)  The best thing (in my opinion) is that she doesn't really like to hold her, so I don't have to worry about her trying to pick her up without me being around.

Like I said, Mackenzie LOVES Miranda!  She asks to hold her all the time!
She loves it when Miranda holds on to her finger.

I hope and pray that all three will always love each other like they do now!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miranda is 1 month old!

It's hard to believe Miranda is already a month old.  Part of the not believing is because she's only been home with us for a little over 2 1/2 weeks.  Tomorrow is actually when we had scheduled her delivery, so to think she wasn't even supposed to be here yet is crazy!  Nonetheless, we are glad she's here and doing so well at 1 month old.

How do you like that big monkey in her monthly photo?  I didn't really have a stuffed monkey I wanted to use for her pictures until my friend brought that as a gift last week!  It really is a large stuffed animal and looks even bigger next to tiny Miranda!

We don't go for her official 1 month check up until Monday, so I don't have any stats for her.  However, we went to the doctor this past Monday and she weighed 5lbs 12oz.  The doctor thinks she might have a milk allergy, so I am doing a dairy free trial for this week.  She is already doing so much better in the 4 days I haven't had dairy, so I'm thinking it's a for sure thing.  I'll talk to the doctor on Monday to confirm.  Not having dairy is hard for me, but like the bed rest I had before she delivered, I can do this for her!

At 1 month, Miranda...
- eats 7 or 8 3oz bottles every day, although we are still working on nursing.
- wears size newborn clothes (5-9lbs), but they are still a little big on her.
- sleeps a lot (see pictures above!), but is slowly starting to stay awake more.
- likes to sleep swaddled and in her rocker thingy.

Here are the three girls at 1 month with the birthday bear.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adjusting to 3 kids and other random thoughts

*Transitioning to caring for 3 kids has been fairly easy.  I mean other than the feeding Miranda every 2 or 3 hours and little sleep at night, it hasn't been much different than before she was born.  Of course, we aren't running errands and having play dates like we were doing before, but I do have to load all 3 girls in the car twice a week to take Mackenzie to school, so we are kind of getting "out".  Mackenzie and Meredith have adjusted well also.  They understand when I can't always do something with them because I'm feeding or holding Miranda.  This past week, Mackenzie was dying to do some school activities, so I let her sit on the bed while I was feeding Miranda and she did some activities we had been working on back in early August.

*We've been very blessed to have many meals brought to us in the last 3 weeks!  I haven't had to cook at all.  One of my friends brought a meal to us yesterday, but because we still have quite a few leftovers from other meals this past week, I put her meal in the freezer.  I don't think I'll have to cook it until Sunday or Monday, so that means I still won't have to cook for almost another week!  I'm so very thankful.  Another awesomeness to all of meals is that my friends also tend to bring dessert with the meal.  I love cookies and cupcakes, so I have really enjoyed all of the sweet treats we've received.  However, I'm about ready for them all to disappear so I can continue to lose the baby weight.  It would seem that you can't lose baby weight if you are eating cookies all day! ;)

*Today, my parents are coming over to watch the girls so that Brandon and I can have some time together.  We are going to an early dinner/late lunch and then running a couple of errands.  It will be nice to get out alone.  We had plenty of "together time" while I was in the hospital, but let's face it, it wasn't really a great time together when I'm laying in a bed 24/7 and a nurse is coming in every couple of hours to check on you.  We are excited to have some conversations that don't require us to say, "hold on, I'm talking to your dad/mom" or "girls, please sit down and be quiet." ;)

*I love that all of this rain is bringing cooler weather!  Although, that just means more work for me.  Anyone with children knows that a season change means buying new clothes and/or pulling out hand me downs.  In my case, it means both!  Mackenzie has grown so much this past year that even if she can wear the same pants in the waist, they will be way too short!  So, it looks like I'll be doing some online shopping for Mackenzie in the next couple of weeks.  I'd hate for the weather to really cool off and all I have for her to wear is shorts and t-shirts.  And for Meredith, I'm going to have to pull out all of Mackenzie's 3T's for her to wear.  At least I was able to organize all of the clothes before Miranda was born, so all I have to do is pull the clothes out of the storage bag and hang them up.  As for me, all of my clothes are already hanging in my closet, but I'm going to have to lose a little more weight before I can wear my pre-maternity jeans.  At least for now the cooler weather just means no sweating rather than requiring long sleeves.  I can handle that a little better.

So, those are my random thoughts.  While I said transitioning to 3 kids has been fairly easy, blogging while caring for 3 kids is not as easy!  I have several things I want to blog about, but finding the time is a little difficult.  I'll do what I can! ;)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 years old!!!!

Mackenzie is 5 today!!!
I've been saying she's five for a few weeks now.  I think I tend to do that..."promote" them a few weeks before their actual birthday.  It goes along with my "not holding on to the baby years" feelings.  I'm always super excited for them to get older and move on to the next stage in their life.

At 5 years old, Mackenzie...
...loves to pretend!  Her doll house, her dolls, the two of us - we are all possible "mother and dears."
...still loves to cuddle with me and Brandon.
...loves school and doing school activities.
...loves her little sisters even if Meredith does bother her sometimes. a picky eater like me, but will eat just about any kind of beef...ground, steak, roast beef.  If we say it's beef, she'll eat it!

Below is a walk through her past birthdays ending with cinnamon rolls this morning.

1 week...
1st birthday...
2nd birthday...
3rd birthday...
4th birthday...
5th birthday...
Do you like how she is holding up her hand to block Meredith from blowing out her candle? ;)

Brandon's going to bring cupcakes home this evening for her, so I'm sure she'll get to blow out candles again.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Doctor Visit x 3

I was feeling pretty adventurous yesterday and took all 3 girls for their well check appointments!  Overall, it wasn't too bad, except Meredith is at the age now where she pretty much cries through the entire doctor's appointment.  Mackenzie used to do the same thing and didn't stop until almost age 4.  So, basically, Meredith will get comfortable at the doctor's office right about the time Miranda starts hating the doctor! Only 4 more years of lots of tears when visiting the doctor.  Oooh yay! ;)

For my own journaling/scrapbooking purposes, here are the girls current stats...

Mackenzie turns 5 next week, but we went ahead and had her 5 year check up yesterday.  She did great yesterday and even got up on the table.  She's always been afraid because of what I'm assuming is a heights issue, but yesterday she climbed up the stairs and got right on and I didn't even have to hold her hand.  She's growing up! ;)  She also went all by herself with the nurse to do her hearing and vision tests (which she passed).  She loved the nurse and doctor up until the very last minute when the nurse gave her the flu mist vaccine.  She cried and tried to move her head around so we kind of had to hold her in place.  After that she didn't talk to the nurse and didn't even wave goodbye to her when we left.  Such a silly girl.  I knew Mackenzie had had a recent growth spurt and was getting taller, but I assumed she was still average height for her age.  I guess I was wrong.

Height: 3'-8" (81 percentile)
Weight: 40.5 lbs (58 percentile)

I was shocked at her height percentile since she's always been in the average range, but it could just be that she hit her growth spurt right at her birthday.  All I know is that come winter time, we will definitely not be able to use any of last years winter clothes even if they do fit her in the waist! ;)

As I said before, Meredith cried almost the entire appointment.  At one point she was happy when she watched Mackenzie get checked, but then as soon as the doctor said her name, she screamed "noooooo.  I want to go home."  That phrase reminds me of the question the doctor asked me, "Does Meredith speak at least 50 words and use two word sentences?"  I said yes, but I was thinking, "yes, she knows about 10 times that many words and is not afraid to say all of them to you, especially if she can boss you around."  But again, I just said, "yes." ;)  Meredith had to get one shot yesterday.  It was the very last thing we did.  I even had Miranda already strapped in her carseat/stroller and my purse/bag ready to go.  The minute they gave her the shot, they put her back on the floor, I pulled up her pants and said, "It's time to go home."  Instantly, the tears were gone and she waved goodbye to the nurse.  She also started telling her all about how we were going to go get french fries and juice at sonic.  Meredith is an expert at turning the tears off and on!

Height: 3'-1" (99 percentile)
Weight: 31.5 lbs (93 percentile)

So, there's a theory/height predictor that says if you double the height of a girl when they are 18-24 months old, you will know how tall they will be as an adult.  If this is true, then Meredith will be anywhere between 5'-8" and 6'-2"!  Only time will tell!

Miranda was actually the first child to be checked and she did pretty well considering babies are always stripped naked to be weighed and have only a diaper on for the rest of their check up.  She is doing great and gained 9 ounces in the last 6 days she's been home!  She's not on any of the charts since she's a preemie, but she's still doing well.

Height: 18 3/4" (grew 3/4" since birth)
Weight: 5 lbs 1oz (was 4 lbs 8oz when released from the hospital)

After I loaded up the girls we drove next door and we all got a drink and french fries!  A special treat for an 1 1/2 at the doctor's office!  I have to go back in 2 weeks for Miranda's one month appointment, but I think I'll make that during Mackenzie's preschool time and I might even have someone watch Meredith since she's the crier, even when it's not her turn! ;) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First day of Preschool

Mackenzie's first day of preschool was last Tuesday and it's official - she LOVES school.  I was a little nervous that she wouldn't like the social aspect of it, but she seems to be playing well with the other kids and sort of making new friends.  Brandon took her that first morning since I can't lift Meredith, just yet.  I was already emotional the night before because of pregnancy hormones and the fact that I couldn't be there on her first day (drop off or pick up).  Luckily, I was on the phone arranging childcare for Meredith (so I could visit Miranda at the hospital) when Brandon and Mackenzie had to leave.  I had to give her a quick kiss and hug and there wasn't any time for tears from either of us.

When my friend dropped her off that afternoon, she was super excited and said she couldn't wait to go back.  There haven't been any tears at all and she's actually a little bummed that I might be picking her up 10-15 minutes early so we can go to the doctor.

Mackenzie actually told me on Monday "we could do school here on days I don't go to school."  Originally, we were going to start our homeschool preschool the week of August 26th when all the other schools started and then she would start preschool at our church the next week.  I had planned to get in about a month of our own preschool time (on her off days) before we took about a month off when Miranda arrived.  Obviously all that changed when Miranda was born on August 26!  So, we'll take our month off now and start our own preschool in October.  I know she's getting bored here at our house since I've been home from the hospital, but I'm not ready to handle a newborn and home preschool just yet.  Hopefully, two days a week away from home will be enough for her, for now.

By the way, did you notice her backpack?  She picked it out a couple of months ago.  I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't budge since she currently LOVES My Little Pony.  I believe when Brandon saw it for the first time he said, "Wow, that's bright." ;)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Miranda came home on Saturday!  She spent her first 12 days in the NICU, but now she's home with us!  She came home weighing 4 lbs 8oz and is still so little compared to my other girls at two weeks old, but I don't least she's home and I can see her all day long!  We are all adjusting well to our new schedule.  The good thing about having a baby that was in the NICU, is that they are used to a 3 hour schedule and are some what used to laying in a bed and sleeping.  Don't get me wrong, I still like to hold her, but I have been able to put her down while eating meals or bathing the girls.  Since she is so small and is technically still supposed to be in utero, she sleeps most of the time and has teeny, tiny periods of wakefulness.  We are talking 5 minutes max every 3 hours.  It happens so little that Mackenzie gets pretty excited when Miranda opens her eyes.

Of course, Mackenzie loves her and wants to hold her all the time.  If Miranda had been born full term and was 3 or 4 pounds heavier, I would probably let Mackenzie hold her more often, but as she is now, I've only let her hold her a few times in the last few days.  She loves it though, and I've promised her she can help more as Miranda gets older and bigger.

The biggest surprise for me is how Meredith has handled "baby randa".  She also loves her and has reacted about the same way Mackenzie did when Meredith was born...not loving her all the time, but not disliking her either...sort of indifferent.  Meredith is actually more interested in all of Miranda's baby paraphernalia than anything...the car seat, the bottles, the blankets.  When I let her hold her yesterday for the first time, she kept saying, "Hi baby randa.  Hi baby randa" and touched all of her toes and fingers as if she was counting them! ;)
Mackenzie took this picture of me and Miranda yesterday.  It's actually the first picture of her and I together.  I was trying to get a picture to show scale so you can see how tiny Miranda is, but I still don't think it's very clear, other than being able to tell how small her little bootie is compared to my hand! ;)  I'll try to get some better pictures in the next day or two.

And finally, because this is what I do, I had to compare baby pictures to see who Miranda looks like.  I've put her picture next to each of the girls separately and I think she looks like Mackenzie.  Her hair is dark and her eyes are dark blue (like most babies), so I'm not sure if they will change or not.

I'm so glad Miranda's are family of 5 is all under one roof! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

1 week

Miranda is one week old today!  She is making great progress in the NICU and is now back up to her birth weight as well as growing another 1/2 inch in length!  This afternoon they are planning to try to feed her through a bottle rather than the feeding tube, so I'm hoping she does well with that.

I've been home since Thursday (Meredith's birthday) and am doing pretty well.  My energy level is down after having laid in a hospital bed for 15 days.  I get tired very easily, plus, the pre-eclampsia doesn't instantly go away with the birth of the baby, so I'm still taking blood pressure medications to keep it in the normal range.  Even with the medications, I've found that I have to concentrate on relaxation and not doing too much.  I'm also trying to watch my sodium intake and any other foods that might make my blood pressure rise.  I have to go back to the doctor some time this week to have my pressures checked.  While my pressures have been fine here at the house, I'm hoping they don't rise with "white coat syndrome" when I get to the doctor's office.  ;)

I've been visiting Miranda every day since I got home.  I took Mackenzie in with me on Friday and she loved just looking at her.  She told me, "I don't want to leave, I just want to keep looking at her." ;)  Saturday, Brandon and I visited her together for the first time.  I know that sounds funny, but we had always visited her at different times and really, unless someone comes to watch the girls on the weekend, we'll still be visiting her separately.  Yesterday I was able to hold her for the first time, so I stayed a couple of hours and loved every minute!  Today, I drove myself to the hospital (first time to drive in almost 3 weeks) and stayed another 2 hours.  It's so peaceful to just sit there while she sleeps on my chest.  I could sit and hold her forever, but I do have other kids to take care of, so I can't! ;)  Instead, I just soak up every ounce of her in the daily visit I have.  It's a little surreal to come home and not be pregnant, yet not have a baby here at the house.  I think it's been a little helpful for the girls after I was gone for 2 weeks.  This way, they can have me all to themselves for a couple of weeks before Miranda comes home and changes the schedule.

Anyways, that's our current update.  I'll try to update more often and/or post about other things too, as my energy and schedule allows.
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