Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tot School - June

Tot School

I haven't been consistent this summer with school activities for Mackenzie, however when we do have school together, I usually do something with Meredith also.  This post is a recap of several things we did in the month of June, when she was 21 months old.  A little late, I know, but in July we started working on the letter A unit and I'm not quite ready to post about that just yet, so here are some things we did in June.

While shopping at the dollar store, we found a bag of rocks that the girls insisted we buy.  I'm not always that big of a pushover while shopping, but since they were only $1, I said why not.  Meredith asked to paint one day while we were doing school, but since she is such a messy painter, I pulled out the rocks as an alternative.  Add a small container to hold all of the rocks and a paint holder and you have a fun activity that will keep a toddler busy for quite a while!
She pulled/placed them in and out of the containers over and over.  And once she was a little bored with that, she flipped the paint container over and started putting the rocks on top.
Once that stopped being interesting, we pulled out the pipe cleaners.  I posted videos of her doing this activity back in June.
Meredith wakes up from her naps very cranky.  She wakes up super happy in the morning, but she really struggles to be happy after her naps.  On this particular day I pulled out a brand new package of porcupine balls for her to play with.  There are quite a few, so we needed quite a few containers!
She really liked pouring them from cup to cup or trying to make them all fit on one plate.

She still likes to play with them so unfortunately, they pretty much stay un-contained on the playroom floor.  I need to put them in the closet for a few weeks and pull them out again later this fall, so that they will be "new" again!

And finally, on another day after she had done some letter A activities, I pulled out the matryoshka dolls.  She did pretty well with taking them apart and putting them back.
Although, sometimes it was just easier to put them all in one doll!
So, that's some of what she did in June!  One of these days I'll catch up!  You know, just in time for baby number 3 to arrive and keep me busy busy! :)

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