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Preschool K3 - Unit 19

Since we are going to start school again in about 3 or 4 weeks, I guess I better recap the last full school unit we did.  We've really slacked off in the last month.  I had a lot of things planned for the week of the Fourth of July and didn't get to it that week.  Mackenzie was still interested in doing some of that a week or two later, so I do have another school partial unit later, but Unit 19 is the last full unit we did with a letter of the week, bible story and sight words.  Here's the synopsis:

Unit 19
Bible: Feeding the Multitudes
Letter: B (as in bread)
Theme: Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Sight Words: big, said, come, in

Below are the details.

Our lesson for this unit was about Jesus feeding the 5000 in Matthew 14:13-21.  We read the story and then did several different crafts (one of which I can't find any photos of).  For one of the crafts involved gluing oatmeal to brown construction paper to look like a loaf of bread.
Then we glued tissue paper to a fish cutout.
Then we put them together to represent the leftover bread and fish after Jesus fed the 5000.
We also made an "I can help" book about different things she can help with like the little boy who helped provide the initial food that Jesus used.
Finally, I used an idea I saw on 1+1+1=1 for a rainbow basket weave art project.  She painted rainbow stripes on a paper and after it had dried, I cut out strips of paper for her weave through.  The result is a pretty basket weave.

For our letter of the week, I chose B (as in bread from the story).  Not to long ago I laminated the letter hunt sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This way, I can just go find the letter I need and she can easily search for the given letter.  Now I don't have to print them again if we use them this coming year again or when we use them with Meredith and Miranda in the future.
These laminated tracing sheets are also from Confessions.  We traced the number 12 for the 12 baskets full of leftover fish and bread in our bible story.

She also matched the pictures for the letter B using the ABC Find It! printables from 1+1+1=1.
The animal ABC sheets were about bears and butterflies.
I believe the blue drawings are water and waves and the butterflies were getting drinks of water on the letter b.

Since we were talking about bears, I thought we might do a theme on our Brown Bear, Brown Bear book.  First we read our book...
Then, we used printables from 1+1+1=1's preschool pack to match the animals in the book.  Both girls took turns matching their own set of animals.
Then we matched the illustrated animal pictures with real animal pictures.  When it was Meredith's turn we also worked on animal sounds.  I'm not sure which one she's doing in the picture! ;)
On another day we worked on counting and writing our numbers from the same preschool pack.  The numbers were in order and I was worried she would just start writing the numbers down without counting, but she didn't, so that's good.
For one of the activities, we put the number cards in order...
And then, Mackenzie decided we needed to look at the book and put the animals in order...
Rather than print on cardstock and laminate, I just had her glue the number puzzle to a piece of construction paper. 
Roll and graph was a favorite, as usual!
Something new that we tried and I think she really liked was learning to draw a bear.  I found a cute tutorial on pinterest and showed her what to do.  She did great and was really excited that she had drawn a bear.
This next year I'm planning to do a lot more art with her that isn't just painting.  She likes painting, but I think she likes to draw too.  However, I think she does best when I give her direction on what to draw, like the bear above.  I bought a book called, "How to teach art to Kids".  It has a lot of simple ideas that just start with the concept of art - lines, shapes, colors, texture...  Since it has little activities for each new concept, I think it will be great for us, so that we aren't just grasping for things on pinterest.

Sight Words:
We finished up the You Can Read Unit 6 and our words were "big", "said", "come", "in". 

We also used printables from 3 dinosaurs - find the same sheets and sight path sheets.

We did quite a few miscellaneous activities for this unit.  One of them was to talk about baking.  Initially, I had intended for us to make some bread, but we never got around to it.  Instead we talked about baking measurements and did a few baking worksheets I found online.

Mackenzie used to write her name a lot and has know how to spell it for some time, but recently I noticed she was forgetting how to do this, so in preparation for preschool this year when she won't be with me, I had her practice writing her name a few times on the dry erase board.  I think I need to do this one a week so that it becomes consistent and easier for her to do.
Sort of in relation to the bible story, I decided our gross motor activity would be to throw pretend bread into our bread basket from our kitchen.  It was a little harder for Mackenzie than she thought it would be, but Meredith figured out the easiest way to do it!

Since I was trying to pick a paint color for the girls' shared room, I decided to take home some cute paint sample cards for a memory game.

There were quite a few cards and it took a little bit, but we eventually finished and Mackenzie won!

What Meredith does...
She LOVES dot markers and was concentrating very hard while marking up this extra sheet of paper we had!
 We finally found some cute marble type magnets that were especially fun to play with on the cookie sheet.
And finally, Meredith showed us that it was time to wrap up Unit 19 by throwing a huge fit on the floor.  I guess we are finished! ;)

So that's our last complete unit.  We didn't finish the last 9 lessons I had planned which is a bummer.  I'm sure if I got my act together and got things planned I could do two more lessons before the end of the summer, but between planning their birthday party, summer activities and preparing for baby Miranda, it just doesn't seem likely.  But you never know, it could happen!

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