Friday, August 16, 2013

"my pregnancy is going great"...said the ingnorant momma!

My last blog post was all about how my pregnancy was going great and that I wasn't have any issues.  When I wrote it, I was being truthful as a far as I knew, but my doctor's visit on Wednesday proved me ALL wrong!

Wednesday was like any normal day for us.  The girls and I ran a couple of errands, at lunch at yummy Double Dave's Pizza and then went to my friend's house so that the girls could play there while I had my doctor's appointment.  This has become our staple visit with the Smith's every time I have an appointment.  They get to play for about a hour or hour 1/2 while I go to the doctor for a quick visit.  I got to my appointment right on time and had an ultrasound where I got to see cute little pictures of Miranda growing and moving around.  The technician estimated her weight to be about 4 1/2 pounds and right on track.  After getting my newest picture print outs I went to be checked by the nurse and doctor.   They were not happy about my blood pressure and sent me next door to the hospital to be monitored for a little while, hoping rest would help all my numbers to come down.  I of course cried a little because A - I'm me and B - I'm pregnant. ;)  I did settle down, though because I knew crying wouldn't lower my blood pressure and I really wanted to be able to leave after an hour of observation and get back to the girls.

An hour later, they said I had early stages of pre-eclampsia and I was being admitted to the hospital.  This was not how my day was supposed to go.  Brandon was still in San Antonio for the day, the girls were at a friends house, my house was a mess and I of course had a ton of things to do on my to-do list that I had made that morning! ;)  But of course, everything came together - my mom and dad just happened to be eating an early dinner on this side of town and came straight to the hospital and Brandon was able to come home from San Antonio and pick up the girls to take them home.  Apparently, Mackenzie told Brandon that she would explain to him the steps he needed to take to get them ready for bed!  My little helper! ;)

As of yesterday morning we were just monitoring my blood pressure all day and waiting for a c-section early this morning to deliver Miranda about 7 weeks early.  However, since my blood pressure was staying under control with medication by mouth, the doctors decided yesterday afternoon to delay the c-section and let Miranda "cook" a little longer.  I'm officially on hospital bed rest while we monitor my blood pressure.  Right now, my blood pressure is staying low as it should while I take medicine, but once it goes us again, Miranda will be delivered.  We are officially in a waiting game!

The bad news is I'm in a hospital bed with an IV and compression/anti clotting leg things on that compress with air every few minutes.  The good new is, yesterday I had those to items, plus the blood pressure cuff, a finger/pulse monitor and the baby monitors around my waste.  I'm feeling much better now.  And of course the greatest news is that baby Miranda has some more time to grow.  Every day that she can stay utero longer, is one less day she'll have to be in the NICU, so here's hoping my blood pressure continues to stay down!  Keep those prayers coming!

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