Monday, August 12, 2013

Lalaloopsy Unit

A few weeks ago, my favorite blogger posted a Lalaloopsy preschool pack!  Mackenzie was very excited to look at it, so I printed it for us to work on one week.

Meredith joined in too, by using magnets on the dot marker sheets.  Magnets are perfect for things like this because the sheets can be used for both girls and can be saved to use again another time.

Simple line tracing to match the doll to their pet.
Shape matching which also included pictures of the real life animal to match the dolls' pets...
What's different...
Letter maze...
Meredith matched the dolls we had to the dot marker sheets.
Our favorite - roll and graph...
We also matched the dolls to their name.  For this, I didn't expect her to know how to spell the name, but I would say the name out loud and she would figure out what letter it started with.  This was perfect since the five dolls on the sheet did NOT start with the same letter.
This was a very similar task to the one above, but with quite a bit more dolls.  We were also able to learn a few names of the dolls that we didn't know.  (Despite having 12 dolls total, we don't have 30 dolls!  And that doesn't include the sister dolls.)
This last task was just a simple counting activity.  She was very particular about what picture went in what square.
This pack was very large and there were quite a bit of activities we did not do as well as some that I didn't take pictures of.  If you have a kid that loves lalaloopsy like we do, I highly recommend this preschool pack!  It's these them packs that Mackenzie really likes.  She talks the entire time we do them, telling stories, talking about a TV episode and anything else she can think of.  This next year, we will definitely be incorporating themes into our weekly learning.

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